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Fat Dumb and Lazy

What are Australians becoming and what should try to be?

I started out with the answer that we are becoming fatter, dumber (and more stupid) and lazier.

I then tested the ABS and other stats to support my theory.

There is no doubt we are generally getting fatter. Whether thats due to bad food choices or bad cooking habits is debatable.

Dumber in the sense of not speaking up. I suppose the internet has allowed us all to blog more - maybe thats a good thing. I used to do debating at school - the concept of debate was important and formulating ideas and so on. I think that notion probably still exists but I think those who do speak up are generally stamped on by the politically correct - so maybe in that sense maybe we are being dumbed down. A few good ABC and SBS investigative and debate shows recently have raised the bar a bit - but governments get a bit sensitive when the issues are too close to home.

Of course boys educational attainment has dropped over the last 35 years - girls have improved and internationally we do quite well (but maybe not as well as we could). As far as common sense goes - how do we compare that? provides some information and I feel like going - maybe the government could sponsor me?

Lazy - well the international labour force comparisons are not too bad - we are below other countries and above the OECD average . The notable issue is females working part-time. This shows our females working less  generally and more of them working part-time than other countries. In must be noted that Labour Force statistics are defined in a certain way and concepts like unemployed, employed and not in the labour force are important.

In general less than half the population works, more men work than women and men work more hours. Women in Australia tend less likely to return to work or work as many hours as women in other countries at the same age group - the child bearing years. I looked at this some time ago and the trend seems to be the same.

So general there is some underemployment mostly for females but also a little for males as well.

SO yes we are fat, dumbed down (a bit) , not too stupid (except for boys who are declining), a middle aged females are a bit lazy.
What should we be?

 Maybe I am not explaining myself well enough
Has anybody seen the movie Idiocracy?

It ties in with this thread nicely


They must find it difficult, those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority

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