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Why is it so for dads but not for mums?

I have been listening and watching a few cases lately of friends and acquaintances for a few months and am absolutely dismayed at our family law system in even minor disputes. There are many areas where it seems in favor of the mother but one issue I was totally shocked with recently is that it seems many fathers have been able to get the courts to push for their surname to be hyphenated with the childs current surname (normally mothers maiden) but when i have seen the mother try to do the same and normally with their maiden name they have been rejected.
Having been there at a few including a fathers case and an identical fight for the same with a mother, I was dismayed to see the father win and the mother lose but this situation was identical, the cases were almost identical.
I suppose this is more of a vent but why do we vary so much and don't look at both mothers and fathers in the same way with the courts? not just in this instance but even in areas were mothers seem to be favored.
Maybe the courts still see that most women will change their surname during life (mostly with marriage) at least once,  where men generally do not change their surnames.
I feel sorry for children with hyphenated names. It makes their life more difficult and what do they do when they get married. If adults need to have them then fine but I wouldn't burden the children with them.
one of the cases it was actually the childs request, in my own case my current partner and I have hyphenated our childs name so he has one name from both sides and it is a link to both sets of half siblings. The way I see it is when they get older they can choose if they wish to continue the same or to just use one.
I'm more having a vent at that certain areas of family law seem in favour of the mother and others the father. Why can't it be looked at on an equal level across the board for both mothers and fathers no matter what the case.
faith said
 Why can't it be looked at on an equal level across the board for both mothers and fathers no matter what the case.
  The simple answer is…That the current laws do not accommodate equality!!

For example: It has only been since being on this site that I have now realised (through a posting by one of the SRL-R's) that the current violence laws favour women.  I can't remember word for word but something to the effect of…that Parliament recognises that most acts of violence are perpetrated by men against women and children.   With laws such as these how on earth can judgements be equal!

I've always kept my maiden name (I've been me for as long as I can remember why change :) ) but as far as the children are concerned I agree (just my opinion) that any name dispute should always result in a hyphenated surname of both parents.

"Never, "for the sake of peace and quiet," deny your own experience or convictions". Dag Hammarskjold
I needed help with my case and couldn't afford a lawyer and found these guys invaluable
i feel the same way :( hubbys ex is so horrible manipulative LOUD and has no repect and gets exactually what she wants but hubby who spends $$$ just to see son is made out to be the deadbeat and is believed. and im so sick of seeing violence to women, yes it happens and im sorry for it but what about Violence to men?? you very rarely hear about how men get attacked. my hubby even thou is taller then his ex she is a big girl and she has thrown punches bottles knives etc and has never been charged but when ex assaults me while pregnant and hubby pulls her off me he is charged , i just dont understand it

Children are innocent and should never be involved in adult saga!
Im not qualified to give legal advice and only give advice on my personal experiances:thumbs:
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