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Underage and pregnant

Underage and pregnant

I have 2 boys with my ex.

They reside with him and i have them some holidays and every second weekend.

I was 15 when I fell pregnant with my first son, my ex, my son's father was 32. I had lost my virginity to this man only 3 weeks prior to conceiving. Not one person from any government department spoke with my ex at the time I became pregnant although docs and the police were aware of the situation.

I am now in the situation where he is constantly argumentative when I attempt to resolve any issues about the care of the children. He swears at me, his new girlfriend swears at me and he calls me terrible names on my voice mail.

We've not been to court due to financial reasons though I am considering taking this step.  When I do, how will the underage sex thing play out? Will it be brought up? I'm frightened of having to talk about it because it still distresses me ad he thinks he's done nothing wrong. He's sure to be angry and even more impossible to deal with.  :(

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this is my post, not sure why it is displayed as Guest.
After reading a little more of these forums, perhaps I have posted my question in the incorrect section.

- Ange

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1. Very surprised that Department for Child Protection and/or WA Police didn't deal with the issue at the time. I'm guessing it occured awhile ago?
2. I cannot imagine that the Family Court, in trying to resolve your children's issues, is going to refer the issue of underage sex/pregnancy to the Police/DCP - its not relevant to what they are being asked to rule on.
3. From your post it sounds like you just need some injunctions against abusive behaviour and some enforceable time with the child.
4. Perhaps you could point out to the ex that you don't know how the Family Court will react to the issue and, in order to avoid any risk of Family Court action resulting in a criminal conviction, you two should cooperate, come up with an agreed Minute and file it by consent?

Hope the above helps.

- Zer0ne -
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