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The Singling out affair

Babygirl said
Going a bit overboard here MikeT.

I believe you were and still are.

Babygirl said
I perhaps should have said - to have the same car that you would have over here you would be seen as rich.

I don't believe that's the case at all, perhaps yes if you were to have that actual car imported, there again I believe the additional cost of having a specific car imported from the UK to Australia would likely have a similar premium. However I have no doubt that you can provide the actual costs of like for like cars and actually prove that you have the argument that you say you have.

Babygirl said
  In certain cities in England, it is unusual to have a normal sized car or 4wd as people do here in Au. There are usually no garages in standard houses and everyone parks on the street. Car theft is rampant. Petrol is extremely expensive. Public transport is usually more accessible than over here.
  Perhaps if you have the need for a car you would have a funny little one but that would probably get stolen if you can't afford a top of the range security system that disables the engine etc.

I'm confused how if so few have cars how can everyone park them on the streets? Perhaps they all live in that street that was depicted in Harry Potter. I must admit I saw no garages in that street. Although saying that didn't I see a garage in the estate that HP lived in. It looks as though I need to thank you for that must be such a rare sight and I never realised the value of it's rarity.

Car theft rampant, well my understanding is that Australia is now down from the No 1 spot of nearly 7 car thefts per 1000 population in 2000, to No 4 spot, with the UK now at No 6 spot. Hoowever 4 5 and 6 are all very close.

Babygirl said
  And yes cars a readily available for a low price over there because a) the exchange rate for the pound is high and b) people realize they can't afford to keep one so sell them cheap.

So now you don't have to be rich, in the UK, to own a car, just apparently stupid? If people realise they can't afford to own cars then why would they buy them? However considering that the rates are pretty similar what does that say for Australians who do have garages to park their cars in?

Hey, how about they rust quicker, because it rains so much? Perhaps they all get washed away because it rains so much and they are all parked in the streets. Hey at least be creative with your racisms.

Babygirl said
By the way you appear to be singling me out here, any reason for that love?

Well I singled you out because I'm not aware that anybody else made the pretty ridiculous statement about only the rich being able to afford cars in the UK. However for any other's behind that post I do apologise that I singled out the person who actually put their name to the post and if you provide details that I can acknowledge you by, I will acknowledge you.

Perhaps I should also apologise for coming to a forum and replying to a post. I obviously misunderstand what forums are about. Could you please explain what forums are about? I must admit that I was under the impression that it was based upon the idea that someone posts something, other's read that and comment if they feel they wish to comment. Obviously with your arrival there is some other format and it appears that we have to get your permission to say anything that you dislike, for fear of you playing the victim card and making the accusation that we are stalking you or something. I would suggest that it would only be fair for you to have the forum rules altered accordingly. Could you at least explain what the new rules that you will have us all controlled by?

I am also very confused, perhaps one should say blind to the reasoning, as to how one should reply without actually singling a person out, surely I can only make statements that cannot be construed as being a response to another. Can you please explain this in detail as obviously I have no wish to cross the forum controller yet again.

I would also like to know, considering your purported dislike for bias, why you feel you are not the hypocrite and why you also feel that you are not yourself being biased, as you yourself have made a number of posts that single people out. I believe that you have asked people for specific income details, for explanations and to cap it all you have singled me out, not only in the post to which I am replying but also previously by specifically requesting that I answer. What's good for the goose would appear to not be any good for the gander from your perspective.

However I would suggest that I have gone to some lengths to not single you out. I believe that it is a fact that I made a request for you to do something, which by the way was on behalf of all readers not due to the ill-informed inadequacy that you suggested I possessed, as a whisper, to not show you up before others.  Will you deny that as the fact that it is?
Will this be the start of another great debate? Go Team Mike, for what it is worth. I was actually disappointed with the use of the word "love" at the end of the post, but then that is me. Maybe I get offended too easily. Oh well.

I have been on this site for a while now, don't have a lot of posts but have valued the input from Mike, and there are others on here who do a "darn good job" as well (and the occassional pot stirrer).

But sometimes……………, I wonder, when I see multiple posts from newcomers…………… especially when they start to target some long standing (and respected) members.

That is just my opinion, and accordingly, I am entitled to my own opinion.
andykay said
I have been on this site for a while now, don't have a lot of posts but have valued the input from Mike, and there are others on here who do a "darn good job" as well (and the occassional pot stirrer).

But sometimes……………, I wonder, when I see multiple posts from newcomers…………… especially when they start to target some long standing (and respected) members.
The moderators do keep a watchful eye on these new prolific newcomers and whether there are contributing or just posting for the sake of posting.

I suppose when 'Babygirl' made such erroneous Cherry picking and inaccurate comments about the UK many people would have sighed. There is far more to the cost of living than the price of cars and meat.

Mike T, I hope you have written to your relatives, told them to sell their cars and houses with garages lest they be perceived as rich. They should also start shopping at Tesco which according to all the recent fanfare concerning the differences between Australian and UK grocery prices is considered 12% cheaper than the Australian chains for the average family shopping basket.

Executive Member of SRL-Resources, the Family Law People on this site (look for the Avatars) Be mindful what you post in public areas. 
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