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Strange Family Reporter - Does this seem right?

Ok so please don't make judgments on me based on what i'm saying I just want to know if this seems right for a family reporter?
Background is Father reported to child protection a minimum 3 times a year by many different sources including mandatory reporters, all not enough evidence at this time not unsubstantiated.
Father's partner was up on assualt charges on children and myself both found not guilty for what I consider the most absurd reasons. current final AVO on ex's partner due to stalking and vandalism. not by consent.
Constant lies and manipulation in every day life as well as through the courts.
Family reporter says ex's behavior means nothing, lying and manipulating in court to get the orders he wants.
We see family reporter 3 times in 2 months - only saw children with father never made time to see children when with me or neutral time. children have been threatened not to say anything and physically restrained from coming to say hello while in waiting room.
Family reporter says this is normally, nothing wrong with this. comments on the assualt on me in front of children and the harassment, then turns around and says he doesn't see it as an issue, asks why it is an issue, causes me to break down in tears because he was being so forceful about it.
says the contraventions by father is understandable that he doesn't want to do hand back children or get them to call me because he feels threatened by false allegations about his partner.
said my mental health is concerning because I now suffer anxiety attacks from the harassment yet no history of issues even had 2 psychological assessments previously.

Does this sound normal for a family report writer to act like this?
Hi Faith, it's hard to comment without knowing both sides, but it seems that everyone except you sees no problem. That means the problems are centred around you. I'm not suggesting you're causing the problems by your behaviour, but that you either view the situation differently to all the other parties, or that simply being near any of the others is enough to cause a bad situation, regardless of who "starts it".

Perhaps if everyone lightened up a little things would go better? I deal with an ex who wants to take offence at every thing I do or say and it used to do my head in, but now I just let stuff sail through to the keeper in the sure knowledge that it's her neurosis and not my reality. For a long time it was the cause of lots of problems, though.

How long have you been separated and how old is your child?
I know it can seem that way craigo, the only person who says it is a non issue is the family reporter. police and dhs have been so helpful with all this.
The threats and abuse have been very public and very disgusting, I had plenty of witneses, many who didn't even know me saying how I had done nothing or said nothing, ex's partner just went nuts and I tried to get the children away from it.
Family reporters view is that "but she seems so nice".
been separated 5 years. won't say kids ages.
I have had a bias family assessment done by an "EXPERT".  EXPERT at what ….her own OPINION.  I spent all of 2 hrs with her the ex and new partner must of given some kind of nonsense.  She spoke with my children for approx 15 min each….All of my kids said they want to live with mum and they were scared of day.  I have shown another psycologist and she would not comment, as were going to read through it together so i could come to terms with it.  We didn't do it.  How can this woman meet me for 2 hours and know me enough to rest my childrens lives on it.  I am going to crucify when i get her on the stand.
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