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Payee not working - getting free ride

My question is when should the Payee be either encouraged to find work or at least be "deemed" to have some income?

If the child spends a reasonable portion of the time with the Payer and the Payee does not work AT ALL, but has the opportunity to because they are not caring for the child, why is it permissible to continue to use zero (0) in the calcs for child support?
thats where you need to read more about Capacity to Earn and change of assessment. Be careful, as C$A look at both parents when one parent applies.

Separated parents - Department of Human Services
but that doesn't really indicate that if the Payee had, say 4 days a fortnight without the child, then she/he could go find part time work?

I imagine if the Payee had only 1 free day/fortnight there would be no expectation.
How about 2 days?, 3 days?, 4 days?, 5 days? etc

I don't have the math/benefits available to me, but I'm sure that some decide not to work because the extra income would be not much more (if at all) more than what centrelink pay, so why work?
some would because of personal pride/self esteem, others would choose not to.

BUT if benefits get removed somehow, the motivation may be different.
I worked as a single Mum, earn't more then the $600 per fortnight pension and $ 200 per fortnight in FTB. I picked lemons when the kids were little (still got the scars to prove it lol), I cleared about $600 pw doing that, not much but more then CL.

 I ended up getting promoted to a manger & going to uni & became a rural safety inspector. Working, even in low paying jobs, like I started out with can have more benefits then just money.

I reckon if a single parent is classified as having an obligation to look for work under centrelink (when the kids start school), and have not been granted an exemption, then they should be assessed for child support purposes as having the capacity to earn an income. The earning capicty could be based on a low minimum wage rate and increase a bit every year the person stays unemployed.
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