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Consent Orders - parts added after signing

also conflict of interest

Hi all
well we have been through the final hearing yet my troubles still continue. I am after some advise if any have any about consent orders.
I signed the consent orders but then 2 pages which are virtually irrelevant to the childrens issues have been added and also parts were changed or crossed out.
My understanding of this is that the pages should only be legal if initialed, I have sent a letter to the courts and the solicitors involved the day after court (we only got the orders back after we left the court room and caught these errors on the way home) and then because of the lack of information available to us on this issue and that I have no knowledge on this issue we initiated a lawyer but all they want to do is write letters to the other side to change the orders by consent- surely there is more we can do? isn't there?

Then also my ex-brother in law (on my new partners side - his sisters ex) is using the same solicitor as my ex, things were said in her case that there is no way of knowing except through my ex and things were said in mine with no way of knowing except through sister in laws ex. the ex's do not know each other - just have same solicitor - just wondering especially since hers is still going if this is conflict of interest? we only found this out after my final hearing.

thanks in advance
I would suggest a formal complaint to both the court and the law society within your state. Your solicitor at least  should have argued this before it was rubberstamped by the court.

You can fool some of the people some of the time but you cant fool all of the people all of  the time unless they work for CSA and youre a Payee:)
Orders haven't been typed and filed yet as far as I know, just hand written. I was self represented except with barrister, barrister didn't pick it up and even when solicitor asked they said nothing was added after - maybe just didn't pay attention.
No-one read out the full consent orders only generalized. I am kicking myself for not asking for a copy before we went before the judge but ex's barrister and ICL were so pushy and rude and rushing it all as we had already gone quite a bit into the night.
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