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Axe to grind

I understand that you have an axe to grind against your partner's ex - but why does your story "prove" that a boy needs his father "more" than his mother?
Mumfabulous said
Yesterday my 13yo step-son was helping his dad put together a new bed. (Bought on ebay of course, as child-support takes a huge chunk of household income, and we therefore cut costs wherever possible).

Spending the past 9 years mostly with his mother (her doing of course) really hit home with us.

He had no idea how to use simple tools or any type of process involved with anything to do with being a handy-man. We did not expect him to erect the bed on his own, but watching him with a hammer and a screwdriver really frustrated the two of us, as devoted parents.

Trying to explain this to his mother would be totally pointless and be met with rolling eyes and her telling us we were being adbusive towards her. She'd also cleverly tell her son that we are picking on him. So our hands are tied in trying to help with his development.

Thanks for allowing me to vent :)
Oh come on… this proves nothing at all… I am a male, I am a father, I am HOPELESS at all the things you talk about above in relation to "mens" stuff… maybe he just does not know how to use tools because he does not want to know?

My little ones mother can do stuff I can't, and vice versa… that's life and knocking a parents' ability because of things like this will only lead to grief…

We are all different.


They must find it difficult, those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority

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