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Another Rant from Peter Andrew Nolan

Hello Gents,

I thought I would drop by and let you men in on some news. I have been here before. The links are below.

So…Nearly 5 years later my feat of video recording a family law matter and putting it on the web proving the criminality of the family law courts in Australia remains unequalled. We now have cases against all members of parliament. They will be processed in due course and all members will be removed.

You can download this video from this link if you wish. I have proven that is lawful to video record family law matters. This video also provides proof positive of the criminality of the courts. Criminality the moderaters here will not tell you about. The claim by the government that video recording family law matters is unlawful is false. It does not matter what is written in the legislation because that legislation does not apply to me.

Sadly, fathers in Australia chose to ignore the remedy I offered you. Further, goverment agents, like the people who run this site, have kept this information from you.

This has led to many more fathers committing suicide. We do not even count the number of men who commit suicide in divorce. That is how little men are cared about by society.

Sadly. Because fathers in Australia chose to refuse to assist me deal with the criminality of the family law courts, these 5 people are dead. Not to mention the many thousands of fathers who have suicided since 2009-11-26.

I have done all I can do to secure the rights of men and fathers in Australia. Men have refused to help me. And more dead people are the result. You have only yourselves to blame because you refused to help me secure the rights of fathers.

Now? The men are fighting back. They are getting more violent, rightfully and justifiably so. The incidents of men killing women are rapidly increasing. If you want to view 380+ cases of men killing women in recent years then just click on this link.

We are going to see men become more and more violent and kill more women and children in divorce until such time as men assist me implement our new Mens Business Association Law Services Law Courts. Since the existing courts are criminal in nature we are offering alternative court services.

All those men who refused to help me when I asked? The blood of these people is on your hands. You could have saved the lives of many of these people. Geoff Hunt and his family would be alive today if I was helped. Robin Williams would be alive today if I was helped. There is no getting away from the fact that the refusal of men to help me secure their rights is contributing to the rapid increase in men killing women and children in divorce.

All that said…

The BIG NEWS I wanted to bring to men here is this. I have now performed three divorces in Australia. Two were amicable. one was hostile. In the amicable cases the parties agreed to leave the family law courts out of their divorces and rescinded their consent to be subject to any legislation including family law legislation.

In the hostile divorce it was the usual situation. The woman was threatening a DVO and trying to extort the man for AUD2,000 per month alimony despite only being married for 2 years. She wrote my client a very threatening letter as to what she was going to do and listing her demands.

I had performed a strawman recapture process for my client.  I offered to handle his divorce for him for free on top of the service I had provided. I wanted to test a hostile divorce. Since he did actually love his ex and he was shocked to the core to get this letter he agreed that he would not be extorted by this woman and agreed to my handling his case.

I sent onE NOTICE to the ex. We believe she took it to the cops and her lawyer. The cops and her lawyer immediately dropped her like a hot potato. Having been dropped she tried to contact my client and patch things up enough that she could get some money out of him. We refused to accept any communications from her to my client.

She had stolen his car and intended to keep it. The car was returned inside 3 days.

In this case the ex got NOT onE CENT. The divorce decree was issued about 3 or 4 months later.

The young man was pretty distressed and unhappy at that time. He has now recovered to be as happy as he has ever been. It did him the world of good to get rid of his ex without ANY court proceedings or paying ANY money to his ex. And all that for gratis because I wanted to test the processs. So a win win for us both.

So I have now PROVEN it is possible in Australia to unilaterally divorce a woman and PAY HER NOTHING. I have also proven it is possible to do so without using a lawyer or engaging in the legal system, AT ALL.

Any man interested in contacting me about this? I am

Personally? I think performing a unilateral divorce where the wife gets nothing is news worth talking about in a place like this. Since I am not very welcome here? I will not comment more. If you want to contact me you have my details.


This man was so impressed at my work with the divorce that he decided to ask me to try and clear a credit card debt for AUD10,000. The card is held by one of the big 4 banks.

To date we have had an offer by the bank to settle for AUD5,000. So my client is AUD5,000 up on the deal to date. We are trying to get the whole AUD10,000 cleared. Results will be announced to my mailing list. So if you want to be on that mailing list let me know on

I am sure plenty of men here are up to their eyeballs in credit card debt and would like to get rid of it. I am hoping to set up a reliable service to do so. Since the banks are also criminal in nature results may vary according to an individuals position.

Best Regards

Your brother peter

Note. I posted this to CAF so that deleting this post or altering it will not remove it from the view of members. Remember. Men, women and children are dying because fathers chose not to listen to me and help me help them. Suppressing what I have to say is tantamount to helping to kill men, women and children. It is that simple.
I thought Dreamworld was in Queensland, turns out its in your head.

You are definitely in the running for Bullshi**er of the Year award.
How's that tin foil hat working for you Peter?
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