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 This list is because of my personal experience with them and also my observation of them practicing and unless you want to find out the hard way then i suggest you take my advice and avoid all of these people at all costs and when you are dealing with registers or judicial registers or judges then make sure you put in your applications that you do not want them involved in your case or involved in the paperwork at all and ask for someone else to do it but at the end of the day this is no guarantee that will still try and screw you over in some way but it is a start and I am also encouraging people to also put up there list of solicitors,barristers,judges,judicial registers and also registers of whom you have had personal dealing's with and who you felt that they were involved in doing the wrong thing by you and list them on this forum as it will help everyone else to know who can be trusted and who cant be.

 I am encouraging everyone on here to fight back against the corruption that has plagued the Family Law Court for years now and we are not only in a fight to see and get access with our children we are also in a fight against the barristers and solicitors and the judges as well as they will not let anyone pass them without paying a substantial fee and price and also without alot of pressure and mind games and unfortunately while we are not united as one to fight them back they pretty much play with us as toys for there pleasure and this is the main reason as to why most fathers in the end give up and commit suicide.

 In all honesty it wouldn't surprise me at all if the solicitors and barristers have a competition going where they have pooled 1k each and the competition is to see how many fathers they can get to commit suicide over a period of 12 months and whichever solicitor or barrister has the most suicides that they can personally confirm as theres wins the prize money at the end of the 12 months and in all honesty it wouldn't surprise me at all that some sort of competition like this is currently running amongst them in private.

 This is the kind of mentality that fathers are up against and for me personally i can not believe the government of Australia has actually allowed an entity like the Family Law Court to become such a corrupt state that it is and basically turning broken down relationships and child access disputes into a sporting match and have allowed it to become a cash cow for these leeches to cash in on when everyone knows that the barristers and solicitors couldn't care less about the child seeing either parent or not and that there main focus is how are they going to be able to fill there pockets up with your money that you worked hard for and what lies are they prepared to tell you in order to get your hopes up about seeing your child in order to get your confidence up about giving them your money freely without any hint of corruption.

 For the Family Law Court is a 5 billion dollar cash cow and for alot of these solicitors and barristers it is extremely easy money to make especially when they all know each other and collude with each other behind the scenes in which it is extremely difficult to prove and these people are not in the jobs that there in because they are stupid they are there because they are extremely intelligent and the only way to beat them is to become smarter then them and beat them at there own game and the only way to do this is for all fathers to unite and fight back against them.

 Please I am encouraging all fathers who felt that they were done wrong by in the Family Law Court to come forward and don't be scared and list all of the solicitors and barristers and judges and so forth as this will help everyone else who is currently before the Family Law Court so that they will know who to avoid and who can be trusted.

 I want everyone who is reading this to remember that we are the fathers and we are the bread winners and at the end of the day if we all united and fought against this problem that we are all facing then we will be able to beat anything that is in our way and believe me if we all united and exposed the corruption through the media and protested in front of the Family Law Court or Parliament or where ever and created enough noise and embarrassed and humiliated them enough then I can tell you right now these white collar criminals who call themselves solicitors,barristers,judges and registers would all run like the cowards they are and we can ask for and get whatever we want and we will no longer have these white collar criminals telling us when we can and when we cant see our children any longer and we will dictate to the government that we want equal share amongst all separations and that the Family Law Court is to be no longer a place where separation of parents can be viewed as a cash cow to be milked for as much money as they can and also a sporting match in the courts.

 Me personally i would like to go one better and have our own court set up and have every Family Law Solicitor and Barrister and Judge charged for Crimes Against Fathers and the reason for this is because they all know about the United Nations clauses that were made in regards to both parents being equally involved in raising there children and the Family Law Court and solicitors and barristers have also known about this clause for years and yet they will not tell any of you about it because they do not want you to know the truth.

 Under the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 16 (1) "Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family. They are entitled to equal rights as to marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution." This clearly means they have equal rights to share in their childrens lives (as a parent), not just equal rights to money or possessions.

 The Family Law Courts and Barristers and Solicitors have known about this for years but they will not tell you because the minute that people understand what this means is the minute they will not be able to make anymore money from the Family Law Court cash cow and this spells the end to these leeches income and this is something that they want to avoid at all costs.

 Now i am telling you right now that the post made by Conan is someone who is either working for the family Law Court in some way or possibly even a solicitor or barrister themselves as they are not hard to spot because anyone who comes on here and speaks out against them in anyway then instantly I am viewed as a threat to the big easy cash cow and they will do whatever it takes to discredit me and write me off as someone who is seeing things or who is writing these posts out of hatred and all I have to say to Conan and to anyone else who is protecting the big easy cash cow is how come the barristers and solicitors wont tell us about the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 16 (1) where both parents can have equal shared responsibility to there child at its dissolution and how come the Family Law Court doesn't and will not recognize this clause.

 Any father who is reading this post I want you to remember this that when an easy money cash cow is being threatened or worse being exposed then i am telling you right now anyone who is sucking on that cash cow nipple will be prepared to do whatever it takes to discredit you or write you off and break you down and there goal is to eventually convince you that you are seeing things and because there are hardly any government bodies that will and that cant investigate them for most people they see no hope in getting nothing done about it and so they give up and sadly enough alot of cases of suicides happen amongst fathers because of this.

 Like I said before the barristers and solicitors are extremely intelligent and they are professional actors and they will stand there and talk all of this legal garbage to you in which most people don't understand but at the same time it comes across as convincing and also justified and this happens because these people are professional white collar criminals who have received very expensive training from college when they did there law degree and they all know that you don't know what the hell they are talking about and then they cash in on that as well so anyone like me who comes along and who is prepared to expose the corruption and who explains to the innocent father who just wants a fair go in the Family Law Court of how it all works and what there strategy is and how they truly operate then instantly i am considered public enemy number 1 as I am now officially a threat to the easy cash cow and to there income.

 But as i said before at the end of the day all of these solicitors and barristers and judges are all gutless cowards and the minute we unite and starting making a loud noise is the minute they will all run like the cowards they are and then we will be able to get what we are entitled to as what is stated in Article 16 (1) of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights where both parents can have equal rights to there children.

 I ask anyone who is reading this to please copy and paste this to someone you know who is involved in the Family Law Court or is about to start proceedings in the Family Law Court that it is important for them to understand that right now there is a major problem in the Family Law Court in which the government has not fixed at all and has only put on a few band aid solutions to it over the years and right now currently the problem of dealing with the white collar criminals who are running it need to be exposed and punished and unless we unite and create a loud noise then these white collar criminals will continue to run it and all of us will be at the mercy of them and we will keep having to keep kissing there feet to get anywhere and now I don't know about any of you but I do not want white collar criminals who technically should be in jail running my life or either telling me when i can and cant see my child and it is time we all united and turned it back on them and if we become united and strong enough in the end we will be able to tell them what to do and we can control them and not the other way around.

 Some people say that this is ambitious and extreme and even a revolutionary thought but at the end of the day there are so many children going to sleep each night crying because they also want to be with daddy but cant because a few white collar criminals who want to enrich themselves with our money told us that we cant and so all of us face with these circumstances that at the end of the day it is either us fathers seeing our children equally as what is stated in the United Nations Article 16 (1) or we accept what a few white collar criminals from the Family Law Court who are enriching themselves with our money and who are also ignoring United Nations Article 16 (1) and also as we all know couldn't care less as to whether anyone got to see there children or not or even if you committed suicide or not and I can tell you I am not going to allow white collar criminals running my life or telling me when I can and cant see my child and I have every intention of fighting back or if you want to call it an official DECLARATION OF WAR would sound even better.

 Remember the the amount of fathers who are trying to see there children is an enormous amount and the amount of white collar criminals who are telling us what to do is only a small amount and in my opinion id say it would have to be around 500 to 1 and I don't quote me on that amount because it was just a figure that i picked out randomly but we are definitely more then white collar criminals that we are facing and in all honesty I cant believe that fathers haven't united yet and fought back as one and what we should do is place them all under arrest in throw them in jail for a few years and lets see how they like crying every night because we have taken there freedom away from them and let them see what it is like as this is what alot of fathers and children do every night because they cant see or be with each other and lets see how they feel when it is done back to them and ask them do you like how it feels because this is what you do to us and lets see if they have a change of heart then about how the Family Law Court works.

 Also remember that the Australian federal police and local police are not going to arrest thousands of us if we all unite and make a loud noise peacefully and believe me there are even alot of police who are also going through the Family Law Court as well so the even the police know what we are all going through so don't be afraid of this at all and don't be afraid of what any white collar criminal barrister or solicitor tells you either and just remember this at the end of the day its either us seeing our children equally as stated by the united nations or white collar criminals who ignore this and who are only in it for the money and who are prepared to lie and do whatever it takes to stop this.


 Also another bit of good news is that Senator George Brandis who is the shadow attorney general to Robert McClelland is well aware of all of the corruption and signaling that is going on in the Family Law Court as they have had numurous complaints in regards to it as well and right now as we speak they are drawing up new legislation to fight this and they are wanting a Judicial Commission and more powers to the Legal Services Commission to investigate solicitors and more stiffer and heavier penalties for solicitors who are caught or involved in corruption in anyway so if anyone has an issue with the Family Law Court then forward your complaints to this address. and dont bother contacting Robert McClelland as he is completly useless and the only thing he is good for is winning hamburger eating contests.


Senator the Hon George Brandis SC

Senator for Queensland

 Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate

 Party: Liberal Party of Australia

Parliament Contact:
Phone: (02) 6277 3163
Fax: (02) 6277 5730
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 Electorate Office:
 Suite 2, Level 36, Waterfront Place
 1 Eagle Street
 Brisbane Qld 4000
 GPO Box 228
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Phone: (07) 3001 8180
Fax: (07) 3001 8181

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Why do I find it hard to breathe when reading Richard's posts?
Is it because the sentences are the longest in the history of the English language - or is it simply that they lack punctuation?
Then, through lack of oxygen, to the point of passing out, I scroll down and hallucinate row upon row of smilley faces which appear to be moving and mocking me.
I suspect we may be being sent secret messages through this site…has anyone else had this experience?
Thanks in advance
wow that was a good read  everything ive been trying to say but ive been called angry, im venting ,im distracting,  im non helpful and  i cant remeber what else but YES THE SYSTEM IS FAILING and everyday we have more suicide mor kids missing out on one parent more games and the lawyers and barristers win win win i liked our last lawyer though she saw what an evil piece of trash we were dealing with but unfortunatly the court system  welll no hope
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