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Contravention and Brainwashing

Please quote any relevant case laws if available:

1. Is Brainwashing a form of abuse?? Does the Family Court recognize this?

       2.  Is there a way to make Court Orders (parenting) stick, at the moment it seems like its value is less than toilet paper if one party does not want to comply?
- Besides from contravention application what else can we ask of the Family court to do to ENFORCE their court orders? Because State Police POWERLESS, Federal Police POWERLESS (unless recovery orders). The other party knows this and continually tries to provoke to anger.

3. Can Recovery orders be granted to a Non primary carer (as per interim order)? Since the other party has contravened on many occasions, recourse was catch up time? What real good is that? Thats not going to stop the other party from breaking the orders again and again. I had made certain bookings and itenaries for the school holidays and it is torn apart because the children was not there?

4. Has the Family Court (Judge/Et all) ever been found discriminatory based on Gender when making a decision?
How many Contravention and Contempt Applications must one file before it is taken seriously?

*** Any relevant case laws would be great****


5. Does anyone else feel that the family law system is a scam and a profiteering business for and by unscrupulous members of society that is rather unproductive to society but insidiously clever?

6. Has any one ever thought of petition to your local or is it federal Politicians to make COURT orders ENFORCEABLE at an instance whether or not there is a recovery orders? Is it not a form of Kidnapping?
If petition was done in item 7, what was the outcome? When was it done? Is it worth to do another?
Any information and critique welcome.


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