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Constant Administrative Reviews - Is this judical stalking?

Hi…I am angry.  In June 2009 the payee (for CSA purposes) did a series of tax returns (ie some four or five years worth)  as a result, this put me into arrears of over $3k for the 2006-07 child support period.  Hence, July 2009 I commenced an application in the FMC to allow for the CSA to conduct a COA for this period.  Now in October 2011, the matter is now before the SSAT because the other party objected saying that he can't afford to loose $3k and says that I had other financial resources. (Irrespective that all cs is up to date and it is long after the period of 2006-07)

Okay…some of you avid members of this site would be familiar with some of the above mention events…However, yesterday afternoon, I get another call from CSA's senior Case Officer - who said again that she has another COA application which the other party wants to look back 18 months.  Again irrespective of an administrative departure will run out 31 Dec 2011, he is now  saying that I have financial resources etc which is not reflected in my 2009, 2010 and 2011 tax returns.

What makes me really mad is that the other party has not filed a tax return since June 2009.  In other words is deliquent with 2009, 2010, and now in a few weeks 2011 in filing his tax information.

Who is in agreement with me that a COA application should not be processed or even entertained by the CSA until the COA applicant has filed their taxation information.  I am the one who does everything right, but it seems greater rights are given to those who don't.  I see myself in the same boat as I was in July 2009, in the next few years because the CSA will continue to accept poor excuses for non compliance.

I have had not one month free since July 2009 whereby I am having to defend a CSA COA application, objection or SSAT (five COA, three objections, three SSAT hearings) or defend ridiculous lies contained in the various applications before the FMC.  The CSA matters could of easily be resolved if the other party would just tow the line with his administrative compliance.

And I am the "spend time parent"…female and CSA payer, and uptodate with all my administrative affairs…How can we change the way CSA considers me, as a minority, and place them with some onus to ensure that they deal with each parent fairly?

It is not fair that they will not consider rejecting COA applications from those parents who are not up to date with their tax returns, especially when they rely upon taxation information as the starting line in all their assessments.

The CSA Registar and the CSA legislation 'lack testicular foritude' when balanced against other government policies such as Newstart allowance - at least there is some administrative equity, natural justice and inncentives to have tax returns completed.

If you were unemployed and trying to obtain newstart, then you can't qualify for the Newstart allowance until you have completed your outstanding tax returns.  So, why can't it be the same for Child support?  That is, where a payee has not done their tax return for say 18 months past due, then CSA withholds the cs payment until the tax return/s (or exemption there of) are completed?  The additional benefits include a higher incidence that other government entitlements be reconciled in a more timely manner and possible overpayments recouped earlier.
In regard to regular monthly COA applications. I'd suggest, considering what you will consider as harassment(hint), that you become a write-only customer. They would then not be able to phone you. I'd also suggest having a go at writing a well formulated complaint that details the harassment and work from the top down (i.e. send the complaint to Tanya Pliberesk the minister responsible for the DHS, her opposition equivalent, your local Federal MP, the upper echelons of the CSA (A search on Tanya could reveal a post where I believe that I posted some relevant persons in the CSA), perhaps try to get the media involved and obviously the make the official complaint.

In regard to tax returns, the ATO would be far more likely to act than the CSA who are more than likely to take the view that to chase up the tax return of a recipient may result in a reduction of the taxation aspect of CS (via FTB clawback), which is the real core reason that the CSA exists.

EMW1965 said
If you were unemployed and trying to obtain newstart, then you can't qualify for the Newstart allowance until you have completed your outstanding tax returns.  So, why can't it be the same for Child support?
Basically as stated above, to restrict Newstart = a larger coffer, to not restrict receipt of CS = a larger coffer, to truly consider what is right = a smaller coffer, to inflate receipt of CS by a factor of at least 10 = systemic mass exploitation of children for monetary gain and financial discrimination according to family status.
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