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Can I have my whinge now????

Ordered to do this Parent Communication Course . Ok so I ring up and book in, had and 'entrance interview' tonight. Problem is I can't get the kids looked after during the course.

So I have been ordered to do this Parent Communication Course . Ok so I ring up and book in, had and 'entrance interview' tonight.

First up………… not allowed. Ok so who babysits while I attend this course?. I don't have family down here and no one r I know can do it for at the times this course runs.

The course runs 6.30pm to 8pm for the next 6 Monday nights. I don't finish work till 5pm, have 45 min drive home, have to pick kids up from after school care, get them fed  get to this place by 6.30pm…………….but I still don't have anyone to mind the kids for that time.

I can't afford to leave work early, can't afford to lose the money.

I am happy to do the course to please the court, but please consider that people have to work and their timing sucks!!

Saturday afternoon or morning would suit much better, I am sure just not for me but for a lot of people.

OK off my soap box.!!!
Have you spoken to the center running the course? Is there a child care facility during the course. Have you seen if there are alternate times?, due to circumstances is there is possibility of a day time course and see if you can get some special parenting leave from work? Most employers are pretty good these days. 

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I have spoken to them today at the "intake interview" this is the only time the course is run, so they tell me.

Over all they were not very helpful at all.  Just kept telling me that if I did not do the course the Courts would not look kindly on me.  The thing that annoys me is that I will bet a pound to a penny that my EX will not register and will not do it ( he thinks he is above the law) ,and not a darn thing will be done about it!!

The reason I am doing it is because I am hoping at some future time to get back to court and I want to be seen to have obeyed all Court obligations.

Can Ex look after the children ?

Could the children spend that time with your ex (presumably their father) while you attend the course?
The children do not like going to his place. They do their 'duty visits' because the Court says they have to.  Yes I am in agreement to shared parenting, and a relationship both childs parents,  BUT these children's father has  disappointed them, let them down and emotionally abused them so much I would not even contemplate making them go anymore than required.  Breaks my heart everytime they go to his place.  I hate the tears from my baby girl, and the looks my son gives me and the never ending question……………."why Mum?"

Takes two to work on a relationship and he makes no effort. He just thinks them being there is enough………….well its not.

Besides if I were ti ask him to mind them he would accuse me of not wanting them, of being off with my latest b/f , none of which is true.

If he were to do the course he would have no problem as he doesn't have the children on Monday nights.
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