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Best of the Season

As my children are with their Mum on holidays for another week or so, I shall be putting my feet up, having more than a few beers and watching the telly all day. A lovely piece of steak for lunch and pass out in the afternoon.:cool::lol:

For many people who won't see their kids, this time of year can be very hard. I'd like to offer everybody in that position my very best wishes and a little thought: the best present you can give your kids is a parent with a sound mind and a happy attitude. One day they won't be kids any more and that's time enough to face adult pressures. Remember that they love you and miss you. Call them if you can, share their joy, show them your love.

For those people who will have their children with them, try to spare a thought for those less fortunate and give your kids all the love you can.

Merry Christmas to everyone.
very good post craigo.... im lucky to have my 4yo son for xmas eve and about to hand him over at lunch today. i feel very lucky to have shared a xmas with him and watch him unwrap his pressies from santa and watching him enjoy the whole experience..... thoughts are out to the parents that are and are not fortunate enough to spend xmas with their kids.
Good advice Craigo and thanks for reminding me I am not the only one without the kids this Christmas morning.

Santa came to our house early yesterday and we had a special Christmas lunch before the kids went to their dad's (who last week told our youngest that Santa didn't exist! Bah Humbug!).  It's good if extended family can be a little flexible with the date so that no one has to miss out on a family celebration.

Merry Christmas to you and enjoy your steak.
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