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Artificial insemination and the meaning of parent

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I found this above guide to be a good example of the various donor insemination situations which have been tested in court.

This one included an example of the use of the artificial insemination Act which was actually refereed to in court and concluded

a sperm donor was not a father of a child and not responsible, ect.

In this case he was declared not the legal father but rather just the biological parent due to the conception method.

In another case a lesbian couple arranged for NI from a man which donated his sperm. He was made liable for CS down the track

due to the conception method even when the mother was lesbian.
Anyone reading those links needs to realise that it relates only to Western Australian law. In Western Australia 'self insemination is illegal' according to the second link.
Under the Human Reproductive Technology Act 1991 (WA) it is an offence for a person to cause or permit an artificial fertilisation procedure to be carried out except under a license. 

If you were in WA Istvan, you'd be in the big house, along with the mother who inseminated herself.
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