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aquittal mean nothing in the family law court

a close friend was aquitted somw 17 years ago, but his last partner uned thouse fauls alligation to stop him seeing his kids

Im am totally disgusted in the family law court.  A friend was acquitted some 17 years ago when his now ex wife got their Daughter to make a false allegation, she then got a 16 year old to make a similar allegation, again he was acquitted.

Now his last partner used the charges against him and stopped him from seeing the kids and the judge sent the independent counselors report to docs.

1. Humane rights and equal opportunity act violation,, you can not be tried or punished for something you have been tried or acquitted on! in criminal or suit of law!

2 Has the family law court and independent person or got the constitutional authority? criminal charged is to be before a judge and jury not an  independent person to say they ( supreme court)got it wrong (not looking at all the evidence)

3 double jeopardy they cant bring the charges up but bring the allegation up.
by the way the daughter did a statement for this court but only gave the lawyer a email address and dint respond to it, also his son wouldn't  take the witness box in the same court room( 27 year old not wonting to face is father! to me i feel like its an admission they had lied.)

so it apparently the eyes of the family law court your charged with something your guilty even if your acquitted.
, make me feel like its a kangaroo court

any barristers think the same
There are no barristers on this site.
Assisting those with matters before the Family Court are the experiences that are shared.
Understanding how legal reasoning functions might help you understand how the court was unconvinced of your friends case and that it needed to be further convinced, perhaps further preparation was needed.
Many share the feelings you hold. It is unfair to be accused when there is no means to right a wrong.
The facts/evidence are the differences between proving that one's case is more convincing than the other side..
DoCS are not always called in unless there are reasons. The court acts supposedly in the "best interests" of the children.

Be a friend  to your friend.

What is done for you, let it be done, what you must do, be sure you do it, as the wise person does today that what the fool will do in three days - Buddha
he was aquitted on charges 17 years ago namly thare way numoure fauls alligation of hitting, also considering at the time the incodent was to happen her was under supervision of docs from the fauls hitting alligations. the independit report didnt look at all the iformation nor was the transcripts of his trial avalible from the nsw gov.

his first wife didnt like lossing the kids to him, due to the fack she took the kids when she done strip o grams.

well looking on some tramscript (Partington & Cade [2008] FamCA 945 (31 October 2008) ) on ausii sit there was one guy that had sexualy abused this daughters and he got supervised access and phone contact! my mate got nil
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