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And the discrimiantion continues

I received an email, as below, from the Child Protect List, what I see as a likely study/research that is destined to yet cherry pick, perhaps even be used to support research such as the McIntosh report trying to put down shared parenting. In my opinion very likely contrary to the purpose of Child Protect.

The title/participants seems to sum it up very well. The title Parenting Research Centre Study the participants Single Mothers only.
Child Protect Email re Study said
List members may be interested in participating in a study being conducted by the Parenting Research Centre. Details on the project are included below.

Kind regards,

Prue Holzer
National Child Protection Clearinghouse
Australian Institute of Family Studies

***Parenting Research Centre Study***

Today, one in five families in Australia with children under the age of 15 is headed by a single parent. The overwhelming majority (87%) of these families are headed by single mothers.

The Parenting Research Centre is conducting a survey, funded by the Victorian Government Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, as part of a project to develop information resources for single mothers in Australia. The project will review the published research, conduct an online survey of single mothers, and produce published information resources and results of the survey on the Raising Children Network website.

Research often focuses on the challenges faced by single mothers, mothers who may be co-parenting with their child's father; separated or widowed; or might have chosen to raise a child on their own.

However we also know that single mothers not only survive but thrive, and so do their children. The survey aims to find out how relevant the findings from published research are to the experiences of single mothers. It will also broaden the focus to include the strengths and benefits of being a single mother.

If you are a single mother, and would like to participate in the study, please visit:

  The survey takes between 20-30 minutes to complete and will provide the Parenting Research Centre with valuable information about what it is like to be a single mother. Information that will be of real value in developing information and strategies to better support single mothers and their families. The Parenting Research Centre website has more information about the background to the survey:
Here's the further Information from the website:


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At first I thought, ok may there is some rationale for them to do a study into single mothers.  I read the attachment expecting to read a generic piece saying that they were interested in pros/cons of single parenthood, issues faced etc and how the data collected would be used.  Instead it comes out with a load of stuff which will bias the replies of participants if they read it before completing the survey.  A participant is hardly going to say that they are financially ok when the background has already told them that they are financially disadvantaged.

I managed to keep on reading until I got to the bit about single mothers wanting kids to have contact.  I couldn't go on after seeing the blah that the biggest barrier to maintaining contact was the threat to their/their kids safety.  It appears that the men bashers are out in force once more!
MikeT, I sometimes feel like a broken record or as if i am banging my head against a wall,

What is it like to be a single father, who cares, there are so few around that we are insignificant!

I speak the truth yet no one listens, why? :'(

Most government funded research centers and universities are biased. ABS is not generally and has ethics and procedures aimed at eliminating bias. Hence the government didn't like that and started funding agencies to give it the answers it wants. Thats where these 'insititutes' came from. Many of the researchers come enriched with attending 'gender studies' courses at universities - and so are thus well placed to 'frame' the discussion.

In a recent survey on domestic violence (by ABS - who will do surveys on behalf of groups - if they give them money) - a supported agency wanted the survey done but would not fund questions about violence against men - only about women. ABS WENT AHEAD WITH SURVEY ANYWAY BUT FUNDED THE QUSTIONS ABOUT MEN FROM THEIR OWN (ABS) FUNDS.

The survey showed men were the greatest victims of violence. The female lobby groups were so mad that any reporting about this in any form of forum or media is SHOUTED DOWN and argued against.

 Maybe I am not explaining myself well enough
JP, in that Survey they also condemned the previous survey which was composed only of female participants. Even still it was 2/3rds women surveyed due to limitations on what the ABS could provide.

And also very soon after the survey came out, one rather vociferous researcher(sic) published an article to many throughout Australia, based upon seriously flawed calculations. Then published a seriously flawed retraction. The flaws showing an inability to calculate percentages unless aided by the scrutiny of others.
Monaro said
I speak the truth yet no one listens, why?
I'm not sure if anyone knows the real answer to that, some say it's a conspiracy to get more tax payers/consumers by making women feel independent, others say it's actually about women's independence, other say it's communism or is that Marxism, some think it not so complicated rather that it's simply greed. I'm sure there are many more theories. Perhaps it should just be accepted that that is the way it is and then look to righting the wrongs, do we need to know why?
JP have you got a link to that survey by ABS
This is the link Personal Safety, Australia 2005

Note this is the re-issue, not the original.
monaro said
 What is it like to be a single father, who cares, there are so few around that we are insignificant!
I speak the truth yet no one listens, why?

I too do not understand how a study of single parents cannot include single fathers.

It does not matter how few there may be, any study can be adjusted accordingly - if X% of single parents are fathers, then X% of survey respondents should be fathers.  If gender makes no difference to the issues faced by single parents, that would be an accurate representation of the population, but it would be based on an assumption - i.e. that gender makes no difference to the issues.

Alternatively, equal numbers of mothers and fathers could be surveyed.  That would not be a valid representation of the population if gender makes a difference, but it would be a way to find out whether gender does make a difference to the issues faced by single parents.

That isn't so hard surely.  


Jon Pearson said
The survey showed men were the greatest victims of violence.
That looks like a very selective reading of the survey results.

If we are going to reject this survey as flawed research, it is reasonable to reject all findings, including that one.

If we are going to accept the research as valid, it is equally reasonable to accept all findings, not just that one.

Assuming one were to accept the research, the it could be summarised as:

1. Overall, more men than women experienced violence (in any form) in the twelve months prior to the survey 11% compared with 5.8%

2. Men experiences less violence than women in all age groups except under 25.

3. Both men and women experienced more physical violence than sexual violence

4. Young men and women experienced more violence that older men and women

5. More women than men experienced harassment

6. More women than men experienced stalking

7. More men than women experienced physical violence

8. More men were physically assaulted by a male stranger than women

9. More women were assaulted by a current or previous partner than men

10. Of those females who are assaulted by males, most occur in the home environment

11. Of those males who are assaulted by females, a higher percentage occur in the home

12. More women than men experienced sexual assault

13. More women than men experienced violence from a current partner

14. More women than men experienced violence from a previous partner.

This summary is not an attempt to say anything in any way negative about men, and those who know me know better than to suggest that.

It is simply a summary of the survey which may or may not be valid.

BriarRose said
I too do not understand how a study of single parents cannot include single fathers.
I agree so I did the survey and added a note that if they did not include my response then this is discrimination.

The link is:
The survey is now broken, which is a pity as I was going to take part from a non-biased point of view.

When you are swimming down a creek and an eel bites your cheek, that's a Moray.
Thanks MT,
I have talked to a few men about the symptoms of post natal depression to find they say that is how my partner is every month, they claim it is not being abusive only PMT or Post Natal Depression.

1 of those symptoms is Irritability; She may snap at her partner or other children without cause. Partners often say, 'I can't do anything right. If I fold nappies she complains I do it the wrong way. If I don't help, I'm being unsupportive.' Sound familiar.  

If the truth was accepted that there are more men abused than woman, but men list abuse under different headings to woman it is probable there would be less divorces and partnership breakups.

Even woman put their abuse in the PMT basket rather than admit their verbals, scratching, and thumps to men are put in the same basket as the AG and Courts, you're a man, get over it.

To me the results of the Report for men show men laugh off most of the abuse of woman as PMT symptoms or as I did for years, it caused no bruise so it can not have been assault and for the scratches, PMT.

The only way to change this state of affairs is men need to read and learn what constitutes Family Violence then file for a DVO, AVO or IO so the true volume of female assaults on men is recorded.

I had a controlling woman, I demanded leave my home, try to get an IO on me, she admitted to her lawyer :lol: it was she who assaulted me not me her. Lucky I had a witness who dragged her off me :thumbs:  while all 6'4" of me just stood there. Yes, I was being blamed for the assault of the Good Samaritan  :ninja: who dragged her off me.

When she was dragged off me, she fell to the floor and hit her head. :o  I did that, because I did not stop her from being dragged off me or stop her landing on the floor by not moving a muscle.:(

What I see is one of the biggest causes of the increased female Family Violence is the belief demonstrated more and more by woman and children,  O_o the "I want and shall have" with total disregard for how they are going to get it mythology escalating in our society today.

Men lets seek more AVO's, DVO's, or IO's and show the Courts the true volume of violence perpetrate by woman we have taken as men.  :offtopic: Assault is assault so lets speak out against assault in the home for the sake of our children  :thumbs: and stop making excuses for woman who commit the assaults we have hidden for years. :o
My comment on the survey was not to say it was necessarily complete or the whole picture - thats a whole other debate (and I can relate my personal and others experience with violence and my statistical analysis etc etc).

My comment was based on the approach in this country to producing statistics. Basically government funded lobby groups AIM to produce the statistics THEY WANT. Mostly FEMALE GENDER ISSUES.

Anything which is contrary to that view struggles to get funding or is deliberately played down.

Any results which don't match the agenda are cherry picked.

Any one who raises this issue or suggests there is a problem is ignored, treated as having a 'chip on one's shoulder', labled, discredited,etc

Why have (or at least attempt it) the truth when everyone seems quite happy with the ongoing mindless and repetitive 'stories' which emerge from so called 'research' .

Its not so much just discrimination - its now reached the stage of thugism and is just plain stupid.

For example at my work there is an internal news paper. One week the head of agency proudly support white ribbon day. I wrote in a said how wonderful and couldn't wait for him to support the concept of violence against all people - including men and children  and how important that was and quoted the ABS page.

Someone then wrote in (woman) got stuck into me plainly reporting how everything was men's fault and quoting from this survey. My response letter showing the balancing statistics and the explanation of the funding and the letter was not published. The editor (a woman) could not explain the censorship and any sensible way

So essentially women get to say and criticize all they want  - men cannot even report facts.

Its everywhere and these people get away with it and continue to poison this world we live in.

 Maybe I am not explaining myself well enough
Working link:
Sorry folks, I must admit that I didn't check the survey link. I guess the person who posted the email on child protect didn't either. Anyway I've now changed it.  :$

Having a look at the survey, I can't see how this could be taken at all seriously. It has no validation, it does not stop a person doing it multiple times. The questions are gender biased, such as no questions asking if the single mother has resorted to domestic violence. No means of follow up. No means to gather the view from the other parties aspect.

I wonder what the ABS would say about this, the validity of the survey, especially as it has been put out via something like child protect.

Miss the mark

Mike T - I filled it in from the point of view of a 'typical' women with men issues. The question are loaded to obtain the 'correct' answer.


Executive Member of SRL-Resources, the Family Law People on the site (Look for the Avatars).   Be mindful what you post in the public areas. 
Monte I don't suppose you actually copied the questions down did you ???

I'd like to see the complete questions but did not want to submit any answers to help establish complete bias they are trying to achieve.

One thing I'm sure of going by the first few questions is that if I respond to them taking away single mother and put single father most the answers would parody those they are trying to establish.

monteverdi said
Mike T - I filled it in from the point of view of a 'typical' women with men issues. The question are loaded to obtain the 'correct' answer.


What is the point of view of a 'typical' woman with men issues?

Do 'typical' women have men issues?

Or did you mean you filled it in from the point of view of a typical 'woman with man issues'?

Why do I feel so paranoid hanging out with you guys?


I just filled it in as me - if you continue, it is not only for single women, it is for re-partnered women too, just not for men.

The survey purports to do no more than find out what information would be useful to provide to single parents, so I pointed out in the comments section that single dads are out there parenting too, and they also might like some information.  

You might want to fill it in as you, then let them know in the comments section that you are a single dad, just so they know you are out there too.

It is a weak looking attempt to provide a service to only one sector of the parenting community - let's not give it any more power than it deserves.

Ooh lass!

I filled it in mainly from the point of view of my ex and a few single mums I know. In these cases the issues were as follows: CSA payments going down, work/life balance, relationships with the ex. In these cases domestic violence was not on the radar.

I should of not made such a sweeping statement about women with men issues, but it is out there.


Executive Member of SRL-Resources, the Family Law People on the site (Look for the Avatars).   Be mindful what you post in the public areas. 
I guess the main problem with this BriarRose is that the title of the group is raising children network, the Australian parenting web site.

The double standard are what create prejudice.

As the site suggests it's there for the benefit of parents then it should conform to accept all parents.

If this was simply the Australian mothers web site then cool it's been honest and has stated it's prejudice and not being deceptive.

Not to be a dog with a bone but if this was surveying fathers instead of mothers the response would be a little different, me thinks.

Could it be that you feel paranoid because you feel you have to defend those of women kind who are not the top minimal percentage who are notorious for distainable behaviour.

If so sorry most of us don't class every woman in this category so it becomes a generalization, if we adopted a code word for this specific style of person, man or woman then the reference word would be gender neutral and aimed at this small percentage.

My favorite would be Trog short for Troglodyte, a nice gender neutral term that basically describes this limited population.

But as your not a trog you know that your in the higher percentage of nice folk.

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