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A rant about the CSA

What genius came up with the 'percentage of care' idea?

1. It gives a money grabbing payee every incentive to deny contact as it is in their interests to claim 100% of care.

2. It promotes the notion that children are a 'financial burden' rather than a 'life blessing'.

My last annual assessment awarded 100% of care to my ex and hence all the money. When I called and asked them (CSA)how they arrived at her getting 100%, they said because neither of us had contacted them that it went to the 'payee' by default. How convenient.

I claimed 'lawful contact' in accordance with my consent orders, whether I was able to affect those orders or not. I sent in a copy of the orders and was granted 24% care. Nonetheless, may payments still went up.

Ethically, I don't have a problem with paying child support. What I have a problem with is the CSA stating that I am now prohibited from objecting in regard to the same issue.

CSA is an adult telling a child to run onto the road to chase a ball. It can't see the gutter. It can't see the cars whizzing by. It can only see the ball. It doesn't care if the child (i.e. your relationship with your kids) gets run over. It only cares about the ball (i.e. the money).


No child, No 'child support'

I agree with most of what you say.

The part I disagree with is:
I don't have a problem with paying child support.
I have a problem with paying 'child support'.

If I have a child and he lives with me then it is right for me to care for and support him, in all ways, including financially.

If the child is removed from me, his father, against my will, then those who removed him should be responsible to his financial support.

If a mother wants to remove a child from his father, and especially if the State wants to get involved, then they should be prepared to accept the (financial) consequences of their actions and pay for the care and upkeep of the child.

I did not have a child to have him kidnapped from me and be forced to pay a blackmail ransom.

That said, I love and care for my child and have supported him and still do with his post-secondary studies.

I too "dont have a problem with paying child support" but I never thought of it that way before. Your so right D4L.

Another issue is that the government is supporting the custodial parent also.

My X gets more than my wage in pensions and concessions, yet she has a full time self-employed business.

Oh and don't forget the government gave away all that money prior to Christmas to all the custodial parents that we did not see our 24% care share of.

Let's vote them in again!
dad4life said
I did not have a child to have him kidnapped from me and be forced to pay a blackmail ransom.
It's like you're reading my mind. :o Having said that, at the end of the day my daughter's needs come first. I have used the word 'kidnapped' numerous times myself because in my mind, that's pretty much what it is. I don't see paying child support as ransom though. One would hope that paying a ransom would free the captive from the captor. That hasn't happened. I don't want my daughter missing out just because her mother has an aversion to gainful employment.

The state in effect does pay in the form of FTB. It's fitting that the state help pay for the upbringing of a person whom they will spend taxing for the term of their adult life.

In the end, I don't need or want CSA payments. I don't need or want FTB. I just want my daughter to know that I'm her Dad and that I love her more than anything.

CSA concerns

My hubby and I don't have a problem paying either but we do on the amount, especially when we have 4 young children (2 with special needs). In my other posts I have stated this.

I am being attacked for not working to support our kids, as they want hubby's wage to go fully to the other 2 children.

We aren't even allowed to see them. No contact. The order has been breached for along time, but we haven't the money to go back to court.

They are now garnishing my husband's wage for the full amount, even though we have an objection in.

After I pay a couple things, we will only have $11 until for the week, until I get paid family money, which will now have to pay all our expenses. I do not know how I will manage to pay for rego in May and June for our 2 vehicles or for any medical emergencies they may a rise.

My children during winter suffer from asthma and croup and I am now worried about paying for the medication. We have supplied CSA with all receipts but to no avail.

I wrote to the ombudsman like advised. I did not think that child support could leave my husband with no excess money.
The whole system needs a shake up.  The Government has already promulagated how much it costs to raise a child.  When a child is taken into Foster Care the Foster parents are paid a regular amount which the Government says it takes to raise a child, that includes, housing, clothing, food, etc. 
The Government needs to go back to basics, the amount the Government pays Foster Parents should be the maximum amount that is calculated for CS,  anything extra should be agreed upon by the parents without any interferance buy any Government agency.  The Government should also bring in a system where the money for CS is accounted for to ensure it is spent on the children, that is what all these agencies, courts, etc keep saying, its all about the children.  If they say it would be to hard to impliment, I say poo (other words have been banned), they already have it in place in certain communities to try and stop alcohol/drug abuse.
Even though this is off subject but is the catalyst for CS, the Government should look at why there are so many marriage breakdowns to get to the core of the whole mess.  I can tell you where a lot of it started, the day they brought into effect the No Fault Divorce.  Even though there are some provisions in the current legislation to make a party responsible, how often do the FM's and judges employ those parts of the legislation in judgements, hardly ever.  Everyone has to be accountable for their actions from the Goverment to the individual.
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