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Motherhood - Its a tough business

Some really interesting and humerous videos

Click here and Welcome to Motherhood

GET STARTED In The MotherHood is the first scripted Web series by moms, for moms and about moms. Conceived by Suave and Sprint, the story will be written in part by YOU, based on your funny, comical and no-holds-barred experiences of motherhood.

Colicky babies, toppling toddlers, terrible-two tantrums, kindergartners uttering obscenities (during parent-teacher conferences, of course) – the comedies of motherhood never seem to end!

What can you do, except laugh and then write about it at In The MotherHood?

It's easy to take the next step, and here's a little secret: Behind the Sign Up Now link lies a haven for harried mothers, a paradise for pooped parents – a really fun event where you'll get to tell your best motherhood tales, win prizes and see your work turned into a series of video webisodes starring the fabulously funny Leah Remini.

We need moms of all kinds to become a part of this new community – you are welcome whether you want to write your own script or just want to read others' stories and vote on them. So what are you waiting for? Sign Up Now before your kids figure out that you're on the computer.

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