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From the mouths of babes!

The antics of children -

Yesterday, I received a call from the ex. After discussing various minor (they are these days) issues about our son, almost 5, the ex asked if I wanted to collect jnr as normal (every Thursday arvo). I said Friday would probably be better due to him recovering from a dose of  gastro. (I don't feel to chipper either - the flu). Mum said "I will ask him what he wants to do". I heard mum ask the question in the distance. The reply was priceless!

"I'm putting my shoes on now daddy. DON'T BE LATE!" :thumbs: It didn't seem like I had much choice! :cool:

For me - Shared Parenting is a Reality - Maybe it can be for you too!
What a wonderful response from a great little bloke… Nice to see your post  :P  :thumbs:

Site Director
children are like that , thay love seeing there father , even if thay have been sick , it not just mums that make them feel better , The father is most of the time the rock and i feel the children learn for there father to be the rock to , becouse of the love of being with there dad  lovely to see that post thanks :}
That is beautiful. Sometimes it can be so hard on the parents who go without their children, but this kind of stuff really makes all the stress and pain worth it. It's a wonderful kind of love. Thanks for sharing :)

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