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Are there really that many angry divorced women?

I read in the newspaper the other day that 2,000 divorced and sepaated women were surveyed and that 80% view Pink's song "so what" as their anthem.

The article said it was a psychological test and could be viewed as these women felt aggressive towards their ex and eager to get into a "fight". Then further went on to to say it is little wonder we have so many long running divorce and family law cases as they are eager to find their fight the best way they can.

Even worse it goes onto say that Pink's "please don't leave me" and Dixie Chicks "goodbye earl" were the first music video clips that popped into the heads of the women that had been wronged.

A bit scary thinking about us Australian women's minds and also a bit funny - should check out the video clips on you tube if you haven't seen them before.

A further study was done on 2,000 men who when asked their anthem and video clips, 92% answered "can't think" - poor guys, was wordered so wrongly for them.

(Got to admit I love "so what" because of the line "I'm still a rock star, got my rock moves and your a tool" puts a smile on my face everytime.)
I think it's more a case of women not being socialised to process intense anger.

So What is very catchy.

Personally, I used to prefer Karma, by Justin Timberlake.

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I think that any study can be created to "prove" a preconceived notion. It is all in the way the questions are posed. Not knowing all the clips used in this I can't say it happened here but imagine if the only video clips listed in the survey were aggressive towards men how the results would be swayed.

When you are swimming down a creek and an eel bites your cheek, that's a Moray.
Even Pink herself admits it was so hard to create her dark music when she is head over heals in love with her man.

Truth is like many other songs they sell because people personally relate too them, add a little bit of princess syndrome and misconscrewd social opinion of modern day feminism along with increases in female violence and you have any song that empowers females with attitudes based on superiority over weaker males and you are able to secure more of the sales market, I agree it's a catchy tune and I don't mind Pink.

It's really hard for me to have a specific anthem because of all the emotional changes that you have to go through, when I do listen to music I do it for the enjoyment of the music and have to admit I'm not trying to find an attachment to a song to explain my life and where I have failed or more to the point one that may excuse my actions and empower me to keep doing the same thing.

I could be wrong though music means different things to different people and music can carry many social messages.

If i have any kind of "anthem"… something that cheerz me up when all seems lost its from my all time favourite CD  Misplaced Childhood from my all time favourite band (i saw them three nights in a row once)

now theres  an anthem…..

And it was morning
And I found myself mourning,
For a childhood that I thought had disappeared
I looked out the window
And I saw a magpie in the rainbow, the rain had gone
I'm not alone, I turned to the mirror
I saw you, the child, that once loved

The child before they broke his heart
Our heart, the heart that I believed was lost

Hey you, surprised? More than surprised
To find the answers to the questions
Were always in your own eyes

Do you realise that you give it on back to her?
But that would only be retraced in all the problems that you ever knew
So untrue
For she's got to carry on with her life
And you've got to carry on with yours

So I see it's me, I can do anything
And I'm still the child
'Cos the only thing misplaced was direction
And I found direction
There is no childhood's end
You are my childhood friend, lead me on

Hey you, you've survived. Now you've arrived
To be reborn in the shadow of the magpie

Now you realise, that you've got to get out of here
You've found the leading light of destiny, burning in the ashes of your memory
You want to change the world
You'd resigned yourself to die a broken rebel
But that was looking backward
Now you've found the light

You, the child that once loved
The child before they broke his heart
Our heart, the heart that I believed was lost

So it's me I see, I can do anything.
I'm still the child
'Cos the only thing misplaced was direction
And I found direction
There is no childhood's end
I am your childhood friend, lead me on


They must find it difficult, those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority

Interesting song gooner, I'll have to see if it's on you tube or something and have a listen, I love reading song lyrics and trying to place a tune for them, years of being a keyboardist and guatairist LOL
I should have added my actual anthem when I seperated  was she daisy's "little good byes"
Suits my situation, he didn't listen (still doesn't), he messed around and she hopes he will wake up when she leaves but then it goes on her leaving the house how she took the cat but left it's litter tray, she's say she loads up the tv in the back of her car, have fun watching the VCR. Really it is more what I wish I had done, I walked out with NOTHING except clothes on my back and had to start from scratch as I just more escaped the abuse, messing around and bs that came with it all.
It just makes you laugh at how witty it is, well my anthem now is Martina McBride's "This one's for the girls" just the chorus is excillirating, I suggest any women on here to listen to it, there are a few clips on you tube:
This one's for the girls
 Who've ever had a broken heart
 Who've wished upon a shooting star
 You're beautiful the way you are
 This one's for the girls
 Who love without holdin' back
 Who dream with everything they have
 All around the world, this one's for the girls
 (This one's for all the girls)

It is on constant repeat on the days I just need motivation and a pick me up along with the latest to the collection of "one step at a time" by jordan sparks, my friend said the other day that it sutis those going through family break ups well that we have to take it one step at a time and there's no need to rush (unless at risk) and my favorite part of - you know you can, if you get the chance. It's actually my business anthem LOL.
Wasn't expecting to come in here and see you guys having a sing-a-long………lol
You can talk all day about overplayed, popularised sugar coated radio songs.

The ultimate song to release your feelings about your ex is 'As I Am' by Dream Theatre. It makes Pink look like…………like something pink. lol
Its the beholders mind which have all the problems.. not men or women in particular...Thats what i believe..
kingmaker said
Its the beholders mind which have all the problems.. not men or women in particular…Thats what i believe..
Funny!! :)

This reminds me of a comment made to me a few years ago.  After a day in Court my barrister and I went on to have a coffee and a chat.  He was separated too.  Anyway we got to talking about divorce rates and why it is that so many more people get divorced in this day and age as opposed to years ago.  His theory gave me a good chuckle…something to the effect of…

Well what can we really expect…when the selection process of a future spouse usually involves beer goggles at the time of selection.
And unfortunately for some of us, it took us 20 years to finally remove them!!      

"Never, "for the sake of peace and quiet," deny your own experience or convictions". Dag Hammarskjold
I needed help with my case and couldn't afford a lawyer and found these guys invaluable
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