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A Fair and Equitable division of Property

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The complex issue of property allocation and spliting of assets in Germany?

Yahoo! News
Saturday 10 March 2007 12:05 AM

Man chainsaws house in two in divorce split

Berlin (Reuters) - A 43-year-old German decided to settle his imminent divorce by chainsawing a family home in two and making off with his half in a forklift truck.

Police in the eastern town of Sonneberg said on Friday the trained mason measured the single-storey summer house - which was some 8 meters (26 feet) long and 6 meters wide - before chainsawing through the wooden roof and walls.

"The man said he was just taking his due," said a police spokesman. "But I don't think his wife was too pleased."

After finishing the job, the man picked up his half with the forklift truck and drove to his brother's house where he has since been staying.

For me - Shared Parenting is a Reality - Maybe it can be for you too!
 :P If he was  stonemason would he have made a wooden house that is the question…

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A bit more to the story

From a friend who lives in Germany

"I read a bit more about this story in the German press. It wasn't a family home more a larger garden shed, a "weekend house" (German houses are usually bigger and massive stone houses).
After splitting up, his wife agreed that he could keep the house but he went crazy."

My first thought was "Pretty good chain saw" - after all, one visualises German House as being brick or stone structures.

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For me - Shared Parenting is a Reality - Maybe it can be for you too!
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