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When emotional and verbal abuse are involved

When emotional and verbal abuse are involved towards the grandchild and the grandchild's mother, and after a period of time of trying to "prove" themselves to be good grandparents they fail and contact stops. What sort of contact could the grandparents expect to get?. The abuse also stems back many many years to the grandparents own children (including psychical).

 Sorry if this is vague, I don't want to much detail here :)
I'm not sure if the parents of grandchild are together or not. If the parents are separated then access is usually through the parent who is your child.

At the moment, legally, grandparents have a place in a child's life but this is not at the expense of time with either parent.

If you are talking about an intact couple who do not associate with you or allow the grandchild time with you, and they provide good care for the child, there is little recourse available legally.

Sadly, bad parenting is not illegal.

You could try mediation through a family relationship centre.

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  Myself and my son are in a similal circumstance so I know how you feel and my grandughter is 5 months so even the legal system runs slow as infants are seen as mothers posessions at a young age.
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