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Sudden change in childs attitude.

We (grandparents) have orders which were achieved by consent to see our near 3yo granddaughter for half a day, once a month. Our son, who lives in the same town sees her every second weekend. The case is ongoing in the Federal magistrates court and we are self representing. Earlier this year we amended our initiating application to seek orders so that the child would be supervised when she spends time with her maternal grandfather, who has several child pornography offences, and was the driving force behind the mothers attempts to prevent us and our son from having meaningful contact with the child- something that began the day the child was born. We recently subpoenaed the grandfathers police record. Since amending our initiating application when we have picked up the child for visits she started  saying "grandpa naughty" as soon as she was in the car. We though nothing of this at the time. On her last visit she would not go anywhere with grandpa unless grandma came- something VERY unusual as she loved going with grandpa collecting the eggs, feeding the chooks apples and looking at the apricot tree that she and daddy planted in our yard. When she visited our son last visit she was not herself, normally she is SO excited to spend time with him, but this time she was so withdrawn and miserable he couldn't do anything with her and phoned the mother to collect her. I realize kids can have bad days but all these things together seem to suggest to us that the child may be being coached. The child spends most days at the maternal grandfathers house sleeping overnight frequently. A horrible situation really. But should we just cop the suspicion of coaching and hope it disappears. or tell someone. Not sure who "somone" shoud be. Any suggestions?
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