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protecting your children from unhealthy relationship with grandparents

my husband and i have got 8 children who we allow to see their grandmother (my mum) their grandfather has passed away, my mother has made several threatening comments in regards to taking us to court for HER legal rights to have visitation with HER grandchildren, to this we usually reply that we dont stop you …you dont turn up when you say you are going to…to the detriment of the children…we dont bad mouth her..we dont need to she is doing the damage to her own relationship with them without any help from us…our eldest is now 18 adn wants nothing to do with her grandmother…she has achieved alot in her young life and has never had a word of positive praise from her grandmother adn doesnt see the point in talking to her just to be put down…i do not have a good relationship with my mother which is of her choosing not mine i have tried to make every effort for years to no avail…she hates my husband, she tells the eldest 2 children that he is not their dad as he was in the defence force when they were young…and even though he is she tried this tact…she tells anyone who will listen to her that she is not allowed to see them, on the occasions she has had them in the past she has put them in very dangerous situations…including having a known paedophile in her house to stay as he is friends with her long time partner and had no where else to go after beign released from his jail time…i was very angry about theis and told her so and that apparently is not my right to do as thier mother…so i am at the end of my rope ….do i let her go to court and hope that they can see through her or do i protect my children as i have been doing and try to keep them safe and happy and in a good environment? i dont know anymore…i am sick of her sayign it everytime i dont agree with her and i dont know who is telling her that she will win but she is adamant that if she goes to court she willbe able to have them stay at her house for undisclosed amounts of time…she has also attempted to abduct one of her sons children…i stepped in to stop this by telling the mother…and the police…she had it all organized but as she didnt actually do it they were powerless to charge her and she didnt even get told not to do it so she thinks she is untouchabel when it comes to her grandchildren   i am honestly scared for my children…so if i can have any suggestions it would give me something to work with….thank you for listening to my problem…
If your mother wants to take this matter to court, then in reality, the first step she has to undertake is mediation. She can go to a mediation service, where she will have an interview, and possibly have to watch a video and/or attend a group session. Then you will be invited to attend an interview. The result of that maybe that a joint session of mediation is organised.

She just can't take it to court. And she does not have rights. In family law, it is the children who have the rights.

And as for undisclosd amounts of time. What a load of hogwash. If orders did eventuate, they generally stipulate precisely the times. It is not left openended and up to her whim.

She sounds like a lovely bully.  In the meantime, don't let her get to you, easier said than done I know (haven't spoken to my mother for over two years) and keep a record of you interactions with her, even if it is in a diary. If she communicates by email, even better. But keep records, just to be on the safe side.
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