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Not allowed to see Grandson

My daughter said that we could take my grandson who is 8 on holiday with us and after arrangements were made she changed her mind.

Calista said
How can you make sweeping statements about other peoples lives whom you don't even know. The fact is, unbeknown to you, my daughter and I had a very close relationship, couldn't be better.
Had would be the operative word, certainly what went on in the Courtroom could hardly be considered as close, open warfare might be more accurate.

Calista said
I am sorry you feel this way about the issues of defactos and the family court but its a hugh issue right now about to explode!

You are wandering again, the original topic was about a Grandmother wanting contact NOT about de factos, again I will repeat
Contact with children and parents (and Grandparents) is determined by the Family Courts (FCoA or FMC) The marital status of the parents (or Grandparents) is not a factor the Courts take into account.

Calista said
No state Attorney General is going to intervene except the WA Attorney General who is doing it right, and is involved in the High Court application.
The Family Court of Western Australia is not a Federal Court

Now stay on topic and stop trying to hijack threads, any future attempts to hijack threads and waste moderators time and your posts will be deleted. The moderators and myself are sick and tired of all the correspondence in the Moderators forum that has been ongoing for over 3 years about you. 7 of the 14 moderators have met you, none have a positive opinion and your continued time wasting  emphasises the negative opinions you have created about yourself and the opinions you peddle.

You want to push your barrow of defactos then create your own site.

You want to help Grandparents, which is a more worthy cause then create your own site.

 Senior Site Moderator and Administrator
bos said
Please be rest assured that the Family Court or the Federal Magistrates Court is where you file your application.

In view of the earlier post challenging the Court's jurisdiction, the matter has been dealt with already by the High Court in B v MIMIA; High Court of Australia

The extent to which the Commonwealth in Part VII has relied on the referred marriage and matrimonial causes power and referred custody and access powers is set out in s.69ZF and ZE and it includes;

the maintenance of children;
the payment of expenses with respect to a child, and
parental responsibility

See S.69ZE (2) (a) (ii)….
Calista what do you say about this?

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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Calista said
I agree with Ronaldps

An application regarding the issue of "defacto" relationships (which include grandparents not divorced to the respondent, and the issue of "contact" )is presently being prepared forthe High Court. All State Attorney Generals have been put on notice. So I would definitely withhold taking any action for now…
Reading the responses that were received from each State AG to the question of notice, I would definitely not get too excited just yet. Even the Federal AG response was unimpressive as the case had not even been filed. To put the departments on notice you actually needed to file something in the High Court. What has transpired now is that none of the AG's departments in the States or in WA will now comment on any questions raised.

I think this thread needs to be effectively split up into two topics.

I have posted extensive commentary in a news report and that was posted up today in relation to Grandparent contact.

Sisyphus said
To the original poster Brokenharted, you asked "Do I have any rights to see my grandson?" the brief answer is NO which is the same for parents, however Children have a right to know a parent and the Family Law Act extends this to Grandparents.

You should first try some form of negotiation and if this is unsuccessful make an application to an FRC for mediation. If this is not successful then the matter will have to go to Court.
Yes this is critically important and supported by Professor Parkinson… a very well known law colleague, based at Sydney University. He also does do some private practice so it might be worth giving him a call to see what days he is available if you wish to engage his services as part of a mediation. What is very certain from experience here and the SRL-Resource group will tell you and that is nothing is ever "certain" in these sorts of cases. I do suggest you read carefully the judgement I published today in the news item relating to Grandparent contact.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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