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Grandmother let down by a non-caring system

I'm a grandma of a six month old baby that I was only able to see while she was in hospital. What options are available to me.

I'm a grandma of a six month old baby that I was only able to see while she was in hospital.  My son made the terrible mistake of having relations with a young person who's living situation is quite different to ours, and who unfortunately for my son, saw him coming.  Her mother allowed a relationship of two young people to obtain the government grant and parenting payment for her daughter, carers benefits for her and child support from my son.    

Once he signed all the paperwork they send him on his merry way, lying to the courts and the police about him and me.  Her own mother has 3 children with 3 different fathers and collecting benefits for all of them.  

Does the system not see this?

My son now gets access only when the girl wants, and he is manipulated emotionally on a regular basis.  I am in disagreement about how easily this girl can call the shots and have my entire family in tatters.  I don't know who is worse her on her mother.  Yet in all this the best interest of the child is suppose to be the new law.  No this child is been treated as a toy and and her need are not been met.

I don't know what to do as a grand parent, part of me wants to disappear and ignore the situation that causes so much pain and part of me wants to fight for this little baby, who is been raised by not only ferals but ferals that see her as their financial security.

I cannot believe how easy the system allows 16 year old to do what they want with a human life. when there is concern they do nothing.

I'm so fed up with the whole system, my granddaughters rights are not been respected and no one cares.

What do I do?


I suggest you join FLWG then SRL-R. With more information we may be able to provide dome useful suggestions

For me - Shared Parenting is a Reality - Maybe it can be for you too!
Have you been to the FLRA Community section in this Portal. The FLRA (Family Law Reform Association) have a very detailed area and many pages. If you take a look at their home page there is an icon Grandparents Family Law Information Guide. This Guide, researched and compiled by Coral Slattery with some inputs from others, is their gift to Grandparents during NSW Seniors Week 2008. It is a fully featured guide worth browsing.

On their web site they also have a grandparents section.

There are a whole range of options open to your son including Federal Magistrates court orders. Grandparents are catered for under the recent Law changes although some say they were adequately catered for before under the old system. You need to spend a good amount of time here reading the material and looking at a range of options.

At the end of the day the child is entitled to (under law) to have an equal or substantially equal relationship with both parents. Your son has many options available to him that should be explored. The first thing that he has to think about and make some decisions on, is his willingness or otherwise to get involved in fatherhood and some real committed parenting. You have much reading to do and this site has thousands of pages of information.

Joining the SRL-R at this early stage is probably not immediately required as the group primarily assists those going through the court process. I will be suprised if you cannot put together a reasonable plan after going through the FLRA web site.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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