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Exes parents trying to sue for visitation

My ex and I have been split up for almost 2 years now and got back together briefly in that time. He never wanted custody or actual visitation instead only wanting to come to my house for visits. About a year ago, he finally decided to organise scheduled visitation where he would take him once a fortnight. His parents only saw my son during those visits even though I offered them more time by way of babysitting but his mum turned me down 3 times and so I stopped offering. His mum was always babysitting our son when we were together but as soon as we broke up her attitude changed.

Anyway, my ex stopped showing up for visitation, four times in a row he failed to show up without so much as a phone call and when I finally confronted him about it, he said he didn't want to see either of us again. He said he just wanted me out of his life altogether. I did not hear from him or his parents for 5 months. I only contacted him recently because the deadbeat reduced his child support to the minimum. He wanted to see his son again so I thought about it for a couple days and then agreed to have him meet us in a public place. We met again today and he told me that he is planning on joining the airforce and so he would not be able to have regular visitation with our son anymore so he wanted his parents (they are divorced) to each have visitation rights regularly and he would see his son when he was in town. I didn't agree. I believe it's his responsibility to make sure his parents see our son, it's not my problem. I told him I didn't want to discuss it in front of our son and everybody else at the park so he said they would sue me. He called his father while we were still at the park and his father showed up and started abusing me in front of our son - calling me names, yelling and pointing in my face and threatening me.

They seem to think they have an excellent chance of getting visitation rights but I just don't see how this is going to benefit my son. He wasn't even excited to see his grandfather and after the little scene they made in front of him, he was very upset and kept saying "granddad naughty, daddy not nice".

Any advice?
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