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Child Protection unit taking kids when good Grandparents are available

Twin grandsons born 11 weeks early in Cairns hospital. Daughter is mentally unstable and had run away from the psych unit in Melbourne. Had no idea that the children were to be born at all. After birth Mother had a meltdown and tried to remove one of the

Hi I wondered if anyone can help us with advice,

Last Tuesday 4th march we found out we had twin grandsons born 11 weeks early in Cairns hospital. Unfortunately our daughter is mentally unstable and had run away from the psych unit in Melbourne in July last year. So we had no idea that the children were to arrive at all.

Again unfortunately a month after the birth, under pressure she had a meltdown and tried to remove one of the boys feeding tubes and was committed to the psych unit in Cairns hospital.

We have asked for their medical details and birth details and they wont give it to us. They did call the hospital to say we could call the hospital but the hospital say NO they don't want to deal with it and child protections can, so all the child protection said was that the boys are OK. The hospital will give us no information not even the boys are OK but with being a mum I would like to know more, our daughter is mentally ill and its like we don't count, the worker told us when telling us the hospitals take on it that "Oh well the boys are OK."

We do not think this is good enough.

We have been able to find out that the baby's are now under the child protection people and they are applying for a 28 day custody order with the intention of making it two years. We did find out Mum may appeal this when she is well.

We would like to take the boys but we are in Melbourne they are saying NO unless we go to family law court , which could take forever but the frustrating thing is we told them the minute we became involved when finding out a week ago.

Our problem is after talking with the social worker they are saying we will have the boys as next of kin, but that it seems moving them from Cairns to Melbourne is too hard, and so into foster homes they will go. This is so unfair and we thought when first talking we would have been able to have them and now feel they have steamrollered ahead and we will have to go through a lengthy court process to have Grandparents custody.

What I am really finding hard is we have asked about the boys health, as in what stage of care they are, as they are premature babies and we would like to know more.

We are wondering what we can do?.

Grandparents to these wee boys
Editor said
The names of the Grandparents were supplied but withheld and some editing has been done to better express the views, clarify some points and improve other grammatical issues
Unfortunately when the authorities and child protection services, DOCS  etc. get involved it is a nightmare to extricate from.

My most important comment is to ensure that you are aware of the possible court dates and this will be very soon. Make sure the court is aware that you want to have the children in your care at the earliest. You need to contact the local court registrar and discuss it with them. I can make enquiries as to legal aid options.

The mother will need to consent to this if you are to manage it at all without very extensive legal representations. The mother should appoint power of attorney to you and prepare a document that says you can act on her behalf. You can download or obtain the appropriate CSA and Centerlink forms that allow you to act on her behalf as you will need those sooner than later for any dealings in respect to CHild Support funds and or Centerlink Benifits. Pop into any Centerlink office to discuss the forms.

It sounds like Mum needs a lot of help at this time. Do you have friends in Cairns or anyone up there you know so you can immediately get up to see your daughter. Doing any of this remotely from Melbourne is tough work. Especially if you want to set up any power of attorney and ability to act for her. You would be able to go and visit in the hospital if you were there.

Some of our other more northen QLD members may sugegst alternatives. There is no mention of Dad in all of this ! Sue Price at the MRA or Barry Williams at the LFAA may have members in Cairns that can assist you here.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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Queensland Support Groups for Grandparents

I have provided a link to a site that lists grandparent Support Groups throughout Queensland.

Grandparents in Queensland The site lists location and contact detail for groups including Cairns.

Support is offered to Grandparents who care for their grandchildren and to those who have contact issues.

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If Annettef could ring me please on 02 9542.2459 I would like to talk to her.

Coral Slattery
Family Law Reform Assoc. NSW Inc.
hi i dont know how to chat in here
we are having a phone conferance on wed to talk about us having the boys and the renuifacation, they went to court to get 2 years protection order but they had to ajorn as this was not done. so this is good. but we find it hard that its taking so long , the boys have left the hospital to foster home so we are devestated as we flew to cairns and talked to child protection with our intentions and has taken 3 weeks to work out we cant aplay from vic . we are aslo haveing a hard time getting shan down , and we let her health care go after 3 years gone so now its hard to put it back as policeys have changed and nib dont offer phyc in private
but each day the sun rises and we just keep going and hope the boys and shan will be here soon ,
thanks for your concern in here i left a message on  corals phone with my number again thanks annette

I know the main concern of the portal is regarding legal issues and also a good place for people to offer advice and support, in this if you need emotional support you may wish to try the DID's forum, it offers an ear to listen and support for any non-legal issues you may be facing and can work well with FLWG.

All best D4E
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