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Step parent interferring on medical issues

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Does a step parent (or a parent's partner if not legally a step parent) have any right to knock back medical opinion?
Does a step parent have the right to tell a school not to medicate a child even if the doctor has sent the school a full case history and explanation of the medical issue?
What happens if the child has an attack (sorry just generalising) that can be life threatening and the step parent refuses to treat and asks school not to treat while in there and there partners care?

Is there someway they can be forced? Should Docs be involved? or would an issue like this be taken to the courts?

Thanks In Advance
Faith in most cases when the step-parent is acting on the childs behalf it is by instruction of their parent.

In other words if the childs mother is allowing her husband to enforce his opinion by proxy she is giving him this permission.

The school is not in a position it can force medication when the parent has told them not to medicate the child, they can refuse the child entry to the school if they feel this problem is life threatening or a danger to other children, the child would be expelled till the problem is addressed.

I doubt DOC's would take it up but you may be able to go down the path of a court ruling with regards to a breach on medical grounds.

You would have to make sure that the medication is indeed imperative to the child, I reflect on cases where medication has been used as a tranquilliser on a child under the excuse of ADHD that did not suffer the problem the controlling parent simply wanted to use their time for more than parenting the child.

I am not implying this is the case but both parents will have a say in medication so your evidence would have to reflect this is needed by the child medically, the other party will try and prove you are medicating the child for nor valid reason.

Just a general opinion though.
I always forget to add something, I was about to edit to include but you responded first D4E LOL.
Thank you for that.

More issues are that the child has severe allergies and low immunibility(blood tests prove this), it can be herediatry (3 generations including the child now have it), the step mother speaks to them as she wishes these things not the parent, discussion and offer to get a second opinion have always been welcome but they have not agreed. I was pointed out to section 66d of the family law act but I did feel maintaining more seemed like a monetary term, am I correct?
I've had a look and yes it's financial matters.

Is there a specific name for the condition ? you may not wish to express it on the forum for privacy but you could research to find if it remains untreated what overall effect could it have on the child and could be objectified as abuse if the medication is not given.

Literally speaking the child/ren are in the care of the other parent and it is up to them to provide the environment and care, allowing a partner to have domineering control is still the same as doing it yourself, they are acting with permission.

If communication does not work then you will be left with no option but to breach with medical concerns and this would be reflected in several sections of family law and regulations.

Their dad need to take his genitalia from his bum bag and think towards the best interests of his children, if he is unable to do this then he will need help from a higher authority.

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