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There are many responsible legal representatives doing the right thing within family law, but at the same time there are much too many more doing the wrong thing. I can say from my first hand experience of professional misconduct at its best were extortion tactics, lies,  misleading and certainly turning a blind eye in neglecting the human rights of individuals as many practitioner(s)  focus on their path to destroy many lives financially emotionally and for what! A solicitor's first priority is to meet their in-house financial quota.

What can he get out of it? What is this case worth?

Solicitors will not usually pursue a colleague for inappropriate professional misconduct caused by a legal representative as it is complex and expensive. The same system allows this and then it is complex ultimately protecting them on top, this is how it looks like. The family law system is to complex and the law itself is misguided as it allows strangers to play the role of God in making decisions which are extremely difficult in many cases. And then again it is difficult in holding them accountable when it goes wrong as it has been evident in many cases.

The ordinary person who is being dragged through the loop holes of corruption and theatrical performances of unprofessional legal representation have usually exhausted all of their avenues that are in place to deal with issues of misconduct and professional negligence.

The department who investigates complaints informed me after 4 years of continuous correspondence with them that they have limited ability to carry out what otherwise requires thousands of dollars and strong solicitors who deal in professional misconduct.

As it is the system exhausts people efforts to a point it purposely forces people to stop from pursuing suing and exposing corruption. It feels like a taboo area.

In my crusade I have not found a person who genuinely is of good faith and has the ability to take on what I believe is a case that would expose corruption at many levels within the family law process.

What seems evident is that he family law process and the actions of solicitors are justified to steal legally and get away with it, misinform and false submit affidavits and get a slap for it, regardless of the destruction and pain and loss it has caused the client. Allow children to be left in abusive situations and it does not matter. It was easier to discredit and call a good parent an allienating parent than except what is evident in the first place in many cases.

Solicitors who are well know repeat offenders who are still practicing and continuing unethical practices manipulating representation with only one agenda to financially gain from their victims called clients.

Does anyone know of a legal person who is in a position to assist in good faith? And genuinely has a focus to create a task force to clean the legal arena of those corrupt legal practitioner(s), and make a difference in today's society.

The current legislation and law allows conflict parents to destroy one another through the current system.  The disfunctional vendictive parent being the tool or the source required to be used by corrupt practitioner's to create cases. This is by no means a proactive way to humbly resolve family breakdowns and separation.

I have tried government officials, FAG AG CJ MP OLSC and many other departments but they all sweep it under the carpet. Even the news cannot touch what seems protected at all levels.

Is there anyone out there who has what it takes to make the difference or is it just the case that we will rely upon these forums to get our message out there without any real action against those corrupt practitioners.
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