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Has any one heard about Quantum Mind Power ?

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ection1;}> Recently, a friend of mine told me about Quantum Mind Power.

I found it interesting and have researched it a bit and found many interesting facts.

For example, I discovered that its really a way which can transform the whole process of how we perceive things and therefore experience situations.

It appears there are those that believe that we can actually create our experiences, in every detail. Any thoughts?

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mcgrath, no I hand't heard of QMP until you posted. Having a look around, to me it appears to be yet another money making scam. Can you please make available any empirical research data that shows without doubt that claims are in fact facts.

As for believing that we can create our own experiences, doesn't everybody do that anyway? Aren't I in fact creating one here by typing this? So is this program simply going to allow me to do what I already do, oh that is of course with the exception of what I wouldn't be able to do if I paid for the program due to having reduced funds?

I'm very interested in how it would help me to create the experience of not having the Jehova's witnesses knock on my door, will it change my perception of them into not being what they in fact are? The latter if true worries me as what limitations are there to this adjustment of perception? I wouldn't consider the program apt or even safe if it changed me from perceiving a busy road into say a traffic free pedestrian pathway.

I have had first hand experience with quantum mind power my X is an expert, she changed her perception of the truth and was able to transform her version into reality she experienced denial and created a new reality for herself in every detail.

Do we really need to deny our situation by creating a false reality wouldn't it be better to simply address the situation with truth and spend the time working through it rather than creating more lies ??????  
The term used by legal folk is "confabulation".

This is where someone tells themself another version of reality so many times, that it becomes there reality.

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ection1;}> I think to truly experience what we wish first we must be fully in this reality, fully in this moment and most people are stuck in their brain, in the regretting the past and fearing the future. Second is to clearly create a picture of that which you intend to experience. Then, in your prayers or meditations or visualizations or holocreations, simply move the pictures and thoughts of this new reality you wish to experience into your current meditative, reflective states.

1) Stop practicing affirmations. Affirmations are flat. You must add passion to your thoughts.

2) Stop thinking about what you don't want and generally reduce the number of thoughts you have (as most thoughts have fears and limitations attached to them).

3) Know what you do want and focus on it, charge those thoughts with emotion (passion).

4) Then, the masters step: Embrace the (new) reality!

Check out the link for more info.

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