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Child responsibility?

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So i have just got new orders i have been granted 50/50 parental responsiblity. My question is what does this involve? My ex ask me to pay half of a school excursion and another school activity. I already pay child support i do not work or have started to get paided for my child. I do all the pick ups and drop offs  pay for food and their clothing when i do have them. Is he right do i have to go halves in these things from now on.
That means that you and child's other parent have equal parental responsibility for making decisions about the child and yes means you have to pay child support. What is somewhat more important is the percentage of care. What did you get?
If you pay Child support then this covers everything, so you do not need to pay half of the school excursion fees nor pay for clothing.  As an example  of responsibility not covering payments, if a parent has full responsibility, then the other parent has no responsibility but will still have to pay child support.  
I think it all depends on how much time you have and how much child support you pay

If you are not working you cannot be paying the greatest amount and if you are only paying the minimum amount then you should stick your hand in your pocket on the odd occasion for your child

I noticed in your post you say "my child" if it's your child then pay half the trip for your child

I have always expected half and paid half of everything extra curricular. I have been both a payer and a payee

Shared parental responsibility does not cover payments common sense does

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