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Who attends changeovers

My husband has hired a nanny/sitter to help with the 30min school pick up/drop off drive of his children (4 and 9yrs) as he is under pressure at work. He has court orders for time with the kids.

His ex is unhappy with the nanny/sitter helping out with the kids and strangely threatening police? The order for changeovers states something like "wherever practicable, changeover is to be effected between the parties themselves or the mothers mother or the fathers mother, save in an emergency, and the parties are to leave immediately after changeover".

We read that to be the preferred option is between the parties, but that it doesn't have to be. He will still do around half of the changeovers.

we are really worried she will cause a scene at the changeover location and refuse to hand over the 4yr old and perhaps even head to the school and cause a scene there over the 9yr old?

any advice appreciated. I hope I have explained myself clearly!
Those orders are unfortunately quite prescriptive.

Can your husbands mother do the changeovers in line with the Orders?
Unfortunately not, she has recently moved 2hrs away.
you may as well start mediation to amend the sounds like negotiation is not available to you. Make sure the amendment is not too binding that you find yourself being disadvantaged.
I agree with BDouble.

Mediate it out - and try to avoid being so prescriptive this time around.

It may well be worth reviewing ALL of your orders. If the changeover order is so prescriptive I'm concerned that the rest of the orders may also be - which will lead to increasing challenges as your situations alter with time and the children age and need more flexibility.
Many thanks for your replies.

We were beyond shocked today when my husband attended kinder for the first time to be informed that their legal team have read over the orders his ex provided at enrolment, and have said that he (or anyone he nominates) can now also pick the young one up from kinder on his allocated days. A massive win for good Dads!
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