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Contract of Primary Parental Responsibility

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My father wants me to conceive him a biological grandchild or he will disinherit me from his will

I am seeking some advise for creating a legally binding contract of parental responsibility for a child
my father wants me to conceive for him.

The reason is I have never wanted children but my father is pushing me to conceive at-least one biological
grand-child in order to make sure there is a biological heir for the family wealth for me to transfer to upon my death.

The problem I face is that I have never wanted children and if i did have one then it would only be for him.

I want to write a contract for me and my partner that makes us only the secondary parents essentially freeing
us from the primary parental role. The primary parents would be my father and his partner and me and my partner
would be essentially the backup and secondary parents.

The child would be conceived using my sperm under surrogacy as I have married into wealth an older then me
and infertile lady who has no children of her own and wishes to become a part-time parent.

I have told him he and his partner would need to become the primary parents and I dont want any recourse from him
in the future pushing his full parental responsibilities onto me.

Advise for the kind of legal contract I am seeking please

George, in my opinion, don't do it. Imagine life for that child, knowing that they were not wanted by their parent, and having to be raised by a grandparent. Your father is being a bully, and is only looking at what he wants. He is not taking into consideration what you want. And that is just about the emotional side of things.

The legal side of things is a whole other issue.

I suggest that you go see a counsellor about your situation, and try to learn how to say no.
Your Dad is being pathetic, what is his problem? How can there even be a certainty that you will actually be able to have a baby?

Plenty of people fail to conceive for many years.what is your partners view on Children AND this situation? How will you report your attempts to him if you dont manage to get your partner pregnant?

I would be recording all these conversations and then challenging any will made that excludes you (that is just an opinion) and DONT have a child if you do not want one.

Nothing i say should be taken as legal advice. I am not a Lawyer. If i help you it is of your own free choice to listen to what i say or not. I do not create documents for you. I do not represent you…. Purple Monkey Dishwasher
Certainly here in Australia, being written out of a will can be contested and being a biological child rates as a quite likely to successfully contest. However, of course, the real winner would be the legal industry.
I have been on holidays and unable to respond at the time of your post George, so I can only imagine you have already decided what you are going to do. (perhaps I am closing the gate after the horse has bolted!!)
Briefly I agree in full with all members DONT DO IT,  think of the life YOUR child will have.  The whole concept is purely, and in my opinion, Draconian and totally selfish both by your father for asking such a thing, and that does not exclude you if you consider doing it. There are enough screwed up kids in this world I don't think adding to those statistics is a wise thing to do.
I guess it is purely a conscience decision by you and your partner, so I wish you the best in your decision.  Finally I would like to ask the question, where is the Love for the potential unborn child shown in this situation, and more to the point WHO IS GOING TO SHOW THE LOVE TO THE CHILD? and how would the situation be explained to the child at a later date when the questions start flowing??


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