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Residency Without Orders

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Can the ex move back into family home

I'm writing this for a friend and I hope it is posted in the correct forum.

Background is a marriage of 20 years broken down. Two children 10 & 14. Father was "kind of involved" but has a highly paid job involving a lot of international travel so the mother was clearly primary carer. The father moved out with his new male partner over 100kms away approx 8 months ago. Mother has stayed at the family home with the kids. The father has been visiting the home from time to time bringing his new male partner with him. Mother has stayed at her new partners home nearby on those nights but even then is often called back to sort food or calm kids as especially 10y/old wants Mum there to go to sleep with etc. Father on huge salary and still paying the mortgage.

Anyways the father has now messaged that he intends for him and his male partner to move back into the family home and even stated he will move into the mothers bedroom and that he will take 100% time with kids.

What is unclear to us is what the best steps for the mother to take in this situation. Whilst there has been no actual violence so far there are heated arguments and distain toward each other so living in the same home is really detrimental to all. There is even a suggestion of sexual promiscuity from the father and mother is worried about potential strangers coming to the home whilst the kids are there.

I understand without any orders in place the father has the legal right to reoccupy the home but are there any other avenues to evade this situation.

Mother is changing the locks to the home and has replied that she does not agree to him coming back to reside in the home.

Its a terrible situation so any advice or suggestions will be appreciated.

Thank you in advance

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