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International Child Relocation Case

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Father looking for advice

Hello everyone,

I am currently engaged in a legal battle to keep my son here in Australia as his mother has applied to relocate with him overseas.
I was wondering if there is anyone who has gone through something similar and could perhaps give me some advice and insight into what to expect during the trial.

I don't feel comfortable posting too many details here online, so if anyone would be willing to contact me via personal msg or email I would much appreciate it.

Very hard to even begin to give an answer without knowing some variables. There is a fair bit of general non specific things on this site that might or might not be relevant but relocation is not a one size fits all situation

Nothing i say should be taken as legal advice. I am not a Lawyer. If i help you it is of your own free choice to listen to what i say or not. I do not create documents for you. I do not represent you…. Purple Monkey Dishwasher
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