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Holding of passports/ birth certificates etc

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Under equal shared parental responsibility  is there a requirement to share important documents such as passports or birth certificates etc?
I require identification for my daughter but   her mum has everything and won't hand it over.
Our orders state she is to hand over the passport but it states for purposes of travel,  not for any other reason.
In practical terms Parental responsibility only means that you have to pay child support. You can get a birth Certificate from Births Deaths and Marriages. This might be the best option.
The "guest" post was validated tongue in cheek… It is nowhere as simple as the Guest makes out and there are some really good topics on here about "Shared Parental Responsibility". Just use the search to find them.

If you need identification for your daughter surely it would not be hard for the ex to give you a certified copy of the passport photo page. You don't need the passport and there are many JP's around to certify documents. If she has a bank account a statement with her name and address details can be also used on some occasions.

There are also a range of citizenship documents as well if you are not Australian born.

You will probably have a medicare card with her associated on it, as well a birth certificate copy costs just a few dollars and can be applied for on line.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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I suspect that there is more to this.

Why do you need the identification - and does the other parent not agree with whatever you are trying to do with said identification?
Not more to it at all…

I didn't think ensuring my daughters financial future is wrong…

She doesn't agree because even after 8 years of being divorced she still tries to control my life :/
Namaste, if all you are doing is opening a bank account for a child under the age of 18, then generally you will need a copy of the child's birth certificate and your own ID. Lots of children have bank accounts through school. You will need to be aware of the tax rules however that relate to interest earned on the account.

Children's savings accounts | Australian Taxation Office

To get a copy of the birthday certificate, just apply to Births Deaths and Marriages in the relevant state, if the child was born in Australia. The fact that the other parent has a copy of the birth certificate is irrelevant. Get your own. Do these things for yourself, so the other person doesn't control your life. Is your daughter on your medicare card? If not, why not? There is another piece of identification right there, as Secretary said. Children can be on more than one medicare card, if that's what you are worried about.
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