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Help required on residence

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Emergency residential order ?

Urgent advice required.

I am.looking for some advice on how to proceed with either a residency order or a prohibited steps order…

The background to my case is that my ex and I split up at the start of 2017, since then we have had a verbal agreement that care for our 2 children is split 50/50. In reacity theynare with me closer to 70% of the time.

Recent months have seen a huge difficulty in handovers with the kids breaking down in tears and pleading with me not the make them go. Until recently I had no reason to suspect that this was due to any reason other than that they preferred their time with me however, recently there have been several samll incident that have raised a little concern in me.

These concerns have now transformed into an urgent need to act as their mother that's been self harming on a regular basis and has recently been sent to a mental health hospital after taking an overdose.

While I have no intention of stopping her from seeing the children o do feel that they would be better under my care for the foreseeable future however I don't know how to go about pursuing to but this into law.

Many thanks for any advice
Your IP address suggests you are in the UK. This site is for Australian and New Zealand issues in the main. There are no court orders it appears so the resolution is in your hands currently.

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