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Christmas School Holidays & Change of Circumstances Question

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Needing some assistance and guidance with how to move forward on knowing the correct dates for my time with my child on school holidays and to adjust my current court order due to a change of living circumstances.

I have Federal Court orders in place within NSW.
The Father and I lived two hours apart and my teenage child now lives with the Father.
My child attends a NSW Catholic School.

Since the orders were stated, I now live further away unable to see my child fortnightly.
My question is regarding the current court orders, how are they best to be adjusted and changed to my current situation?
( I represented myself through the Federal Family Court so I do not have current representation or able to lodge anything at the court where the orders were made )

Also - I am entitled to see/spend time with my child for half of the school holidays, fortnightly weekends ( not valid anymore ) and any additional time as agreed.

I have to get approval for the dates my child can travel as an Unaccompanied Minor by the Father via email to be able to book any flights.
The issue I have is that I go by the dates my child concludes and commences school.
( sometimes earlier or later with pupil free days or term dates different to the state gazetted holidays. )
I also request extra additional days or ask to have my time commence the morning after my child's last day of school but get denied.

I am met with conflict and manipulation, sometimes blackmail to see and spend time with my child, and ' a date cannot be agreed until...'

I just want to see and spend time with my child and so does my husband and other children.

How can I best move forward in being able to spend the school holidays with him for when he is actually off from school ?
most specifically this upcoming Christmas School holidays.

The Father is stating the Gazetted school holidays for me are to commence on Saturday 22nd  with Friday 21st December being the last day of school as per the Diocese website where as my child's last day of school is actually Tuesday 18th December as per the school website.

What date would you suggest my time starts?
The court order states :

  1. The child spend time with the mother as follows:

    1. Each alternate weekend from the conclusion of school on Friday afternoon until 6.30pm the immediately following Sunday, commencing the second week of the gazetted New South Wales school term, with the mother to collect the child from school;

    2. In the first half of the gazetted New South Wales school holiday period in even numbered years, and in the second half of the gazetted school holidays in odd numbered years;

    3. In each even numbered year from 7.30am Easter Friday until 6.30pm Easter Monday;

    4. Any other time that the parties may mutually agree in writing.

The orders specify the NSW gazetted school term, so 21st is the last day of term (even though the last 2 days are development days, they are still part of the school term)

ere's a link for subsequent look-ups
22nd if 21st is a school day. 22nd is the first day of the holidays :-D

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