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Hi,my wife and I separated more than 2 years ago, and got divorced 12 months ago. We have a child (4yrs) between us.

I have not been contacted by the Child Support Agency for support payments, and was told she has not registered with them (I rang them 3 times over the last few years.)

Therefore I am not paying Child Support to her. I do not understand how that works and worry that I will have to face a big pay back in a few years time. Did anyone experience a similar situation?  What reason should she have not to register and chase me for money?


          an application has to be made to the CSA before they have the authority to register a case. Only parent's or eligible carer's (non parent carers) can apply. As such you could apply and perhaps this is the way to go. There are also limitations as to how far back a parent can claim.  Normally 3 months (take CSA's normal with a great pinch of salt) or 9 months if exceptional circumstances apply (and the CSA can very easily consider normality as exceptional).

There could be many reasons, only the other parent could tell you this and then only if they wanted. Do you see the child? If not, then that could be some sort of indicator.

You, as a parent can apply.

You may wish to have a read of the following:

The CSA Guide - 2.1.1 Applications for assessment
The CSA Guide - 5.1.4 Collection of arrears accrued during non-collect period

You may also want to use the Calculator available on this site from the home page to determine how much CS you would be liable for (cover yourself by assuming that they will additionally try to grab 9 times the monthly payment). Note only the Advanced Calculator is up-to-date.
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