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13yr old refuses to comply with visitation?

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My 13yr old refuses to go to her mothers for the holidays!?!

Can anyone help? Firstly there are court orders in place that say my daughter is to see her mother half of the school holidays or as agreed between the parents. My wife and I have been forcing her to go against her will for the past year. For the past 4 months she has refused all contact over the phone and been firm that she refuses to go in the school holidays.

My daughter is 13yrs old and has been moved around her whole life like a gypsy at the hands of her mum. She now has a stable home and will stay in one school for the rest of her schooling.Her brothers are older and also refuse to spend time with their mother but they are not covered in the court orders. Just beforeChristmas we made my daughter speak to her mum on the phone as we are trying to keep some form of relationship between them. She seemed to accept from her thatshe wasn't going in the christmas holidays and they have since had some phone contact. Will I be held in contempt of court orders because my daughter refused to go?

This is due back in court next month as my ex wife now says that I am a danger to my daughter?There is no proof or even a suggestion that this is the case. It seems she is trying anything she can to getthe courts to returnour daughterto her against my daughters wishes.  We tried our best to try to get her to go, but I can't physically drag her into a carkicking and screaming to make her go.. She even stated that she would run away from her mothers if we made her go? Im very stressed out that this will ruin our relationship, and damage the little bit left of a relationship my daughter still has with her mother? Will the courts hammer us because ofthis? Can we loose her because of this when we did everything we could to try to convince her to go?

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You say you are back in court next month - for what exactly? Mention, interim hearing or directions. It should say on your court paperwork. Has your ex filed an affidavit? What is she alleging?

This is not unusual that a teenage girl/boy does not want to see the other parent. The court will just try to assess the allegations first and as your daughter is a teenager it should be easier.

The court might try and order some counselling between mum and daughter.

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The ex lost all residential care, only had visitation, the situation was stood over for 6 months to make sure the daughter was ok and all was going well. she has filed her affidavit and at the last minute in court after the magistrate was about to make final orders, she jumped up and said that I was a physical danger to my daughter and that she was at risk of harm in my home. The magistrate looked very annoyed and gave her 1 opportunity to prove this and stood the matter over till next month saying "do you understand miss …… that if you can't prove this that orders will be made in the fathers terms at the next occasion."  There has NEVER been any violence in my home and she has no way of proving something that doesn't exsist!?!  From that moment on my daughter refused to speak to her saying that she's sick of her mother lying to her and now to a court and how dare she accuse my Dad of that.  So we were expecting final orders to be made saying that she only has to go when she wants to as we have always encouraged a relationship and can prove that we always facilitate visits when asked, but worried that her refusing the last holidays has damaged the chance of this being over?
Worried Dad, how did the court matter go? I am assuming it was in February. But probably more important, how is your daughter?
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