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Written Threats

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Sorry to start another topic if this sort of this has been discussed before.

Another thing that has just come up in my husbands attempts to maintain a relationship with his daughter, mediation has not started yet but the Ex partner has received a letter from the family mediation center requesting mediation.

We happen to know his Ex is in our state and this morning when my husband went out to his car to go to work there was a hand written note under his wipers threatening him.

So we plan to report this to the police, not that there is much they can do I just want it to be recorded down someplace official in case things escalate.

I am not sure if anybody else has been in a similar situation and what they did in their situation but any feed back would be appreciated.

I'm no lawyer or cop but Do not respond to the threat directly back to the ex partner.

You need to remain calm and in control. And hold on to that piece of paper.  You can certainly let the police know and where you think it might have come from they may offer a warning depending on how they see the situation.

If you have a solicitor I recommend discussing it but do not retaliate yourself either in writing or verbally… stick to the topic… getting orders to maintain a relationship with your daughter and let the ex play her manipulative games.

If you feel there is a very real threat the police or solicitor can advise you.  We have a similar situation and need to rise above the BS and show we are the mature and reasonable party in the dispute with no personal agenda against the ex no matter what lies or manipulations she has done.  I hope this helps a bit.
What was the nature of the threat?

The note was in response a request for meditation from my Husband through the family relationship centre.

So minus the bad spelling and swear words used… he messed with the wrong person and he was going down.
How do you know the note was from the former partner?

Sometime police can get fingerprints off paper but it depends on how many others have touched it as to if they can identify who wrote it.

I assume you assume it was the ex and they did not sign it other than by direct ref to the topic.

If you can prove who wrote it it might be grounds for an AVO or DVO or IO depending on your State.

The fact the note is a written threat is grounds for a criminal charge in most States, just ask Magistrate Fingleton of Qld. She was only released from jail for a similar behaviour because of an immunity granted in the Qld Criminal Code that was in contravention of the Qld Constitution hence that Law has since been revoked. Not off topic just showing how serious the offence is and who can be prosecuted for committing such an offence by just sending a note.

Hopefully you have not handled it too much and the police can use it. To me any person demonstrating such behaviour with such an unguarded language should at least be attempted to be prevented from being anywhere near you or the children, she needs psych help in a big way to me.

If she does this to a adult what is she doing to the children?

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