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Wishes Report Update

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Wishes Report seems to just be another name for a Family Report...

Just wanted to post an update further to my last topic "what happens at a wishes report conference?".

My daughter and I have now attended a session with the counsellor/report writer. The whole situation was very odd in that the paper order I received from the Magistrate had asked us to attend for a "Wishes Report" and yet the counsellor had booked us in under "Family Conference". When I questioned her about this for further details she indicated that it was all one and the same! I personally feel that this process could be more streamlined and not so confusing - starting with having set names for these sessions so everyone is going in with the same expectations.

Our process is not completely over yet and I will post back with further info in case anyone else is having the same confusion I had experienced. Hopefully it my help someone else! :O)

In the meantime I will tell you that the counsellor was pretty cluey and I felt that she had a good grasp of our situation. She had our affidavits in her file but had not read them prior to our meeting. She told us she preferred to meet and speak with the people first and then peruse them later. I actually bought a photocopy of the affidavits in case she was to tell us that she did not have them.

My daughter felt very comfortable with her and the session was kept pretty brief.Our situation may differ from the experiences of others in that my ex partner did not turn up for the session and so it was just my daughter and my partner and myself.

Anyway, at this stage my advice to anyone else about to go through this process would be to take a copy of any relevant docos and have them on your person just in case the staff are disorganised and do not have copies. Having your docos on hand may also be helpful for you if you start to feel flustered or stressed and perhaps begin to forget dates and times etc.

I would also say to anyone that has concerns for their physical safety whilst attending a conference to please consider calling ahead of time to make arrangements for seperate arrival and departure times. I have to say that I requested a safety plan to be put in place and the request never made it into the hands of the counsellor so she was uninformed. This has happened to me before also, ten years ago, right after my ex had been convicted of assaults against me! So of you are worried about violence please stay on top of the staff and make sure you get to speak with someone before attending in person. It would be awful to expose a child to violence and further trauma when it should be prevented.

Thank you guys for everyone that replied to my previous post. I am not that much more informed now than I was due to this court system being set up the way it is but hopefully I make a little more sense now! :O)
Toni said
Just wanted to post an update further to my last topic "what happens at a wishes report conference?".

Our process is not completely over yet and I will post back with further info in case anyone else is having the same confusion I had experienced. Hopefully it my help someone else! :O)
  Hi Toni,

My process is over as of yesterday (even though there is no such thing as final orders as a party can initiate a further application in the future).

 I came to this site and was thinking why doesn't it have the answers to specific situations documented so you know what will happen ? The thing I have learnt is every case is different as the family law rules are open to a " Judges discretion" and so it depends on the Judge and what things he looks at, gives most weight to on making a judgement,if he is having a good day or fighting with his wife, etc. Even what type of expert assessments he orders will differ, I had an "issues assessment" which is different to a "family report"…. It is not uniform or clearcut and even if your circumstances were nearly identical to someone else, the path that you take down the court process will most likely be very different to this similar case! There is no black and white answers (and I preferr black and white!)

So this is why it is great to get a collection of people documenting their personal experience to give a ROUGH idea of what MAY happen. I think more people who post questions on here need to go back to that post with "hindsight" and follow up with WHAT HAPPENED??, then others who go through this process can learn from the collective experiences! I plan to do just this in the following weeks ,even though I have to admit I never want to see the inside of a court room again and this site no longer has an interest to me. But I want to give back for all the help I have received and I feel that is the way to do it.

So good on you for having the above attitude Toni and goodluck with your case.
Thanks!  :P

And well done on making it through to "the other side".

I completely understand what you mean about not wanting to ever be in a court house ever again. I swore I would never walk  into Family Court ever again about ten years ago but unfortunately we have had to take part in this process now to try and settle things once and for all.

I will be posting back with further details on my experience once we get some "closure". There probably are lots of people searching the net and like you said this may give them a rough idea of the possibilities.

And good on you for also wanting to contribute. I am sure I will feel exactly the same as you once this is over and will be wanting to just put it behind me.

I just want my daughter to be able to look back on her childhood one day and know that we did everything we could to support her and assist her in finding opportunities to speak her own mind.

My heart goes out to all the other families and especially the kiddies who are going through this process right now.  :(
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