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wife takes kids on holidays to different state

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does not come back.

wife takes kids to visit grandparents qld and doesn't come back. she ahs enrolled them in schools there, but they have evrything in sydney. kids are miserable and want to come back , need some advise what do i do legally.
                      you need to provide some more info. Do court orders, or a parenting plan exist. Is this also the separation? (i.e. you say wife as opposed to ex). Look to joining the SRL resource (Click on Community and then on SRL-Resource to the left), if you do they have secure areas. My guess is that you'll be looking at getting a recovery order, however the SRL's are the ones to take most heed of (they have a distinctive badge with SRL).

What ages are the children?

Many will understand the sort of emotions you'll be going through, however you have to be very careful to keep those emotions in check, as they are so very easily used to misrepresent the real situation. This is the trap that so many fall into.

You need to try to think in terms of the children and what's best for them, the post shows that you're already thinking along those lines.

You've perhaps done one of the best things you could have, and that's come here.
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