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I attended mediation as myself and childs father had unresolved issues, he initiated the mediation.

I was asking to move, a few hours away as I cannot afford housing here and I have a place to go. I presented a plan showing how he could still be well involved in childs life it worked out to be more then what we are currently doing.

He does not contribute financially and will not go on her birth certificate as he seems to have a great fear of the child support agency. Throughout the years he has never offered a cent or even to help clothing etc.

Ater i laid down my proposal he did not counter offer, just said no its not what he wants and he wants 50% in the future.

Mediation was ended as it was clear no agreement was going to be made. I found mediation was good for me, however I dont feel he went in with negotiating in mind which I was hoping he would as that is what mediation was explained to me as.

I feel lost. I guess the only step now is or court proceedings to start?
Have you spoken with a lawyer? He's not on the birth certificate so how can he ask for 50% when he doesn'f formally acknowledge parentage?
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