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What if I can't pay!

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A couple of months ago I signed financial consent orders. Part of the agreement was I had to give my wife a certain sum of money by a particular date. This date is fast approaching and I will not have the money. It is not that I don't want to pay I am just broke. Another few months and I might be able to come up with it. I have not yet told her I cannot pay - we are not on speaking terms anyway. I know she is under a lot of financial pressure as am I.

What are the implications of me not paying? What options do I have?

Hi insomuch,  recently I had to pay my x by a certain date (as agreed in Consent Orders), if the amount was not paid by that due date interest was payable.  The due date came and went but I was not able to pay on time due to the X delaying things, I could have taken the matter in relation to interest to court to settle but decided against it (would have cost more).  

Check your Consent Orders, they may have the answer for you.
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