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What happens at a Wishes Report conference?

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Wanting some information on the process.

My twelve year old daughter and I are soon to attend our Family Court House for the purpose of seeing a counsellor who is putting together a Wishes Report. Has anyone out there been through this process or is anyone familiar with this process?
Although your IP address indicates Australia I am unfamiliar with a  "Wishes Report".

What is that and where are you attending Court? Most Australian mediations are done outside courts.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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Hi there. The court judge requested a wishes report be done (the only thing I can gather is that it is less fuss than a family report). Because the judge requested it we are seeing a counsellor who is appointed by the Family Court and happens to be located at the court house in a counselling area. Usually children between around 10-12 years old are considered suitable for these sessions. My daughter and I attended mediation outside of court as required, unfortunately we were deemed unsuitable due to "antagonism of the father toward the mother" (the mother being me). Because of privacy that was all the details they could provide me with. Oh and also, because the father had been charged and convicted of assaults on me in the past they felt it was not appropriate to have round table discussions etc.

This counsellor is supposed to prepare a report that goes to the judge before he makes any further decisions as to whether my daughter still needs to have an order made to see her father. She is twelve and is not wanting to see him any more and has not seen him in two years, so from what I can gather the judge in still unsure whether to force her or not…

I hope this makes sense. It is very confusing to me also.

We are in the ACT.
Hi Toni  :)

What you have described sounds like the family report that my children/ ex and I participated in a few moths ago. The magistrate emphasised the purpose of the children being involved was to mainly determine their wishes  :thumbs:

I would imagine then that if you researched family report (there is a number of good topic threads on here that I have seen!) you will have a good idea what to expect.

 :) Hi!

Thanks so much for your input. I will definitely search this forum re family reports and hopefully this will give me an idea of what may happen.

Thank you kindly!
Could it be a "childrens responsive program" ?  We had already done family reports and the childs responsive program was different again.  
Hi :O)

I haven't heard of a children's responsive program, what does it involve?

We were considered not suitable for something called the Child Inclusive Dispute Resolution because of the circumstances I mentioned above.

Is it similar to that?
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