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W.A. Family Court system help needed

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Hi guys and gals.

Recently the ex dscided to take me to court here in W.A.

I cant go into detail here as i may give the case away so to speak, however there is something that i hope you can clear up for me.

Not long ago, the ex filed her application and i filed my response. The court sent us straight to a hearing. The judge told us there would next be a councelling session that would involve me with the councilor, then the ex with the councilor.

This has apparently changed and now there is to be a case assessment with meself, the ex, a councilor and a magistrate. any ideas why the change ??? More importanly,,,what am i in for so to speak? Help !

Tired Dad.
Unfortunately the person on this forum that was educated in WA law is gone so I hope someone else can help you. Try looking in the search under WA and good luck.
Tired dad - First of all you were probably in front of a magistrate and not a judge. I'm not sure if there is any difference in what you say was proposed and then changed as long as the the counsellor is a court counsellor as they have to report to the magistrate after meeting with you and the ex. Are you in Perth or in a country circuit?
@ Tired dad

Nothing that you've described there sounds unusual. The court is obviously trying to settle your matter though mediation.

Is you matter a parenting matter, children's matter or both? They each may have different resolution pathways.

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Hi Fairgo, i'm in Perth. Just been talking to my better half and she says he was an acting judge. I can understand the reasoning for mediation through the court as the normal mediation didnt get anywhere. I thought that meeting with the councilor would be one on one to start with, not with my ex, a majistrate, the councilor and myself all in the same room.

Hi 4MD, yes this is a childrens issue, over a decade since divorce and it is still going unfortunately. It is unfortuately a game played by the ex and now the stakes are alot higher, so i have to follow along and see where this all leads.

tired dad.
@ Tire Dad.

I'm not sure what the resolution pathway is an WA but generally speaking the court is required directed parties into dispute resolution in some instances. In particular if they feel that a party or the parties didn't make a genuine effort in FDR.

4MD, i'm not sure either, but i will find out soon enough i suppose, as tommorrow is the day.

Am i allowed to take any paperwork in with me that backups up what i am saying or is this more an onformal sort of meeting?

tired dad
Unless they have asked you to bring paperwork etc… then you don't need anything. You might want to take a pen and note pad to takes notes about the meeting.


Hi TiredDad

I have spent on and off about 4 years in the WA family court system with the resolution that I now have shared care of my daughter and a reasonably amicable relationship with the ex.

I know how stressful and upsetting it can all be.  If you ever need someone to lend a bit of support or just sound some ideas off feel free to contact me.
How did things go Tired dad.

Did you find out what it was about ???

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