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For a male is it worth fighting in the legal system?

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For the male, the chances of a parenting order going his way is 50/50 or remote? Assuming both sides are seeking to have custody?

More background, the female in the equation is a migrant, who has been in the country 13 years, struggles to run a household and manage her affairs (was done for her previously), has no family support, hasn't worked since being in the country, hasn't attempted to better herself, and basically expects to become a Centrelink and/or CSA Queen. Questionable ability to provide a roof or food for kids.

Male has worked to provide (finance) done some household tasks where female unable, has family support (they will bend over backwards for their grandkids) There are 3 kids involved, all boys 10 - 13 years of age… Female refuses to accept the kids don't practise her culture, they are her pushing buttons, testing the fences but she refuses to use Australian parenting style to keep the soon to be Teenage boys in check (always agro at them, snaps instantly, effectively a floor mat, but won't push back or let the male put them in their place, demand order and respect for her)

Have no desire to get the legal system involved, especially if the chances are remote at best.. Male work options abroad are a lot better than in Australia, some options in non CSA reciprocating countries, obviously wants to support his kids but will consider his options if CSA tie him down and rape him, doesn't want prop up the female..she has to take responsibility at some stage, needs to grow up, this is the main cause of marriage break down actually.. need a partner not a leach/4th child/helpless dependent. 
I think it is worth fighting for in Australia. Firstly as your youngest boy is over the age of 7 the unworking mother would be on Newstart payment looking for work although having another child would change the situation. Secondly your child support liability will only be for 8 years which is not that long. The boys are growing up so will benefit from the stability of being in a country they are used to. Present a case that shows how important your relationship with your boys are. You can mention deficiencies in the other parent but do not denigrate them because you need to show you support her relationship with the boys.
Present a strong case for 50/50 and expect to get 60/40 as this ensures her ability to receive welfare if needed down the track.
Can't say much more as you have not mentioned anything about the financial settlement as this will influence the outcome.
Good luck.
You are not in the Court system so your options are to mediation and other non-Court based services. I assume you have been in touch with Family Relationships Australia or any of the mediation services through Catholic Care and the like. How would 50/50 work when the mother has such limited means both money and support? The boys are a bit late / old now to start going down a pathway to practising some other culture that is not Australian, especially if they have been resistant previously. I think that is not going to get traction at the age group.  How do you propose to separate? Where will she live? How will you both support two separate living environments?

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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